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  1. Do Mac's get viruses?

    Well... Apparently things are changing... Apple says yes to antivirus software And quoting Apple support: EDIT: Apparentely Apple shutdown their article... I guess they best for their costumers... Anyway... Google Cache remembers it :
  2. Sorry if this question sounds stupid, but with all these breakthroughs are we going to be able to buy a legal leopard DVD at a store and install it on a PC, in a near future? Again, sorry if the question sounds stupid....
  3. I was checking out the bit-tech.net forums, and found this, newly posted. It may be an interesting thing to do, although you need WinXP to do it....
  4. xp on apple TV ?

    This topic was already, in a way, started here.
  5. WinXP on AppleTV using XOM

    Exactly. Boot Camp is out of question. XOM is the likely answer. In my humble point of view, the problems with installing Windows on AppleTV are: - Lack of optical drive to load the installer (the only solution to this would be to force a boot using an USB ODD) - Windows "doesn't like" when you install it on one computer, grab the HDD and plug it on another computer (it gets unstable). But maybe if you install it on a laptop with the same chipset that AppleTV has and then plug that hdd on AppleTV, we may be able to fool Windows. I'm listing the problems above assuming that the EFI issue is possible to solve with XOM.
  6. WinXP on AppleTV using XOM

    Yep, AppleTV is a nice, small, quiet and +/- cheap set of hardware. It would be great to use it not just for TV related stuff. That's what I had in mind! I added this topic on OnMac.net Forum so that everyone can brainstorm about this.
  7. WinXP on AppleTV using XOM

    Since AppleTV is using "pc" hardware and EFI, is it going to be possible to run WinXP using XOM? And dual boot it with AppleTV OS?
  8. I must say that if I had this collection and a good amount of money, I would feel tempted on: - Modding the PSUs of these mac to reduce the noise and the power bill; - Connect all of them (if possible) on a network (having all this processing power without a combined use is a complete waste). However, I do understand his collecting spirit on preserving everything as it was originally.
  9. In my opinion, I don't like this tablet from Axiotron (no keyboard and rotating screen). I'm still expecting a tablet from Apple somewhat similar to Tecra M7 from Toshiba... Probably won't happen.