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  1. Sorry but this doesn't work form me. Hot swap is not important. But being able to use my esata port for external storage is very important to me. Can someone help? Maybe some bios tweak or driver..... I really don't know. Also please the moderator can put the Asus P6T6 WS revolution as tested and working, because aside this minor problem all work's perfect. Even sleep is almost perfect. The PC alone disconnects LCD but PC always on. But if you use the sleep command in MAC OS PC goes to full shutdown and when you touch keyboard or mouse it will awake in correct way. Thank you all for help in solving E-sata problem in system info i don't see nothing related to my e-sata adapter maybe some driver missing? Main board uses Marvell 88SE6121 Thank you
  2. Hello just installed to Asus P6T6 WS Revolution, it's almost perfect!!! Thank you. Sound is working, Network working..... Very stable .Only small thing's to try to resolve.... Sleep doesen't work, the monitor goes off but pc keep's working..... Esata doesen't work, i have an external hard disk on e-sata port when i connect it system doesen't even recognize it, so unusable, this is the most important to me...... Apart from that all work's and extremelly fast i have 6GB ram triple buffer, i also have a geforce graphic's card 8400GS from asus. Hope you can help with the external e-sata not working.