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  1. well solved , i tried various versions off kext i do not know is appleacpiplatform.kext have something to do it, but looks like that it is something related to audio and dsdt. I have tseug autopatcher version , my version made it with ollarila maldon methods, but at las it works version from ###### dsdt bas for ga-p35-ds3R after that I naturally lost sound but after [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 5.2.0 and realtek kext for systems without dstd I have audio Id 1 not 12 as before and sleep works endlessly automatically, by me wakes and works rock solid after 12 waking (knocking on wood). Life is good again. Hope that somebody helps.Rushing to make image and make at least 12 copies haha. 6 days of life for one update is it with it I do not know if I only could somehow put thunderbolt display on it uff.
  2. Ok I have managed to get stable system after third installation (I do not know why) after wake from sleep in 10.8. after that ,update to 10.8.1 and 10.8.2 goes smooth everything works flawlessly except I get again the same problem, after wake from sleep after some time i get KP but this time finally with message about AppleIntel CPU PowerManagment i put kext from 10.8 but no go same KP. What to do ?Maybe I should try kext from lion?
  3. Many thanks as I said before for guides but... still problems with sleep, everything works great,even sleep and automatic sleep works but after a short while picture is frozen and sound stutters.Sometimes after first sleep sometimes after 5-6, sometimes on wake sometimes after a while, no messages only sound stutters or in best case you must restart blabla... I had same problem with lion guide but it is solved with ####### apple rollback and alc889a/885 kext and apple rtc patch and lion works now perfectly. But with mountain lion no avail. I tried with dsdt I made , I tried again with all versions of #######, I changed kexts and in almost every combination everything works flawless until some time after sleep. Sleep is for me must have so please have anybody idea what to try next? Could it be related to video driver? maybe for 10.8.2 I need to make new kext for ati 5750 like for original mountain installation? This is the only thing I can imagine that could be culprit of this behavior.I made few clean installations saome by tseug guide some by ###### some mixed to no avail. Anybody please?
  4. you should try changing in system preferences -power saving - check automatic power on after power loss than alow sleep on power button and then put hard disks to sleep........ that makes sleep, uncheck enable wake for ethernet that makes sleep possible but problem is random freezing after wake up sometmes after few hours sometimes after minute or so. I had same problem with lion but after some installations and deinstallations of chimera and chameleon problem disappears but now after instaling ml here we go again. so close so far sleep for me is very important and it is working flawlessly only on sl
  5. Nobody has any suggestions regarding to sleep? On lion and mountain lion after coming back from sleep I have random system halt sometimes almost in few minutes sometimes after few hours. In onepoint after numerous reinstallations chameleon and chimera lion works A ok. But now when I instal on another usb disk mountain lion i have problem with both systems, only snow leopard sleep works but not automatic sleep. Any sugestions? Config is in the signature.
  6. You can do that but that lives some application files on the system some applications have theit own uninstal utillty, and you can have application like clean mymac that will do all that for you. Which applicatio is the best I do not know but some files always stay even than.
  7. I have GA- P35-DS3P so first thanks tseug for your efforts and guides. I have snow and lion and now mountain lion but I always have problems with sleep. It works on snow but not automaticaly, on lion it was working totally but after waking I would got KP after some time until with some instalations chimera and olarilla chameleon and then your chameleon again evertyhing start to work like it should but I do not know why. Now again I have mountain and it goest to sleep but at wake it only restarts, I have no idea why. In the same time (this installations are on separate usb disks) lion sleep stops to work. As I see the solution and problem are somwhere in chameleon or chimera but I do not know why i have such problems every time with that board and sleep . VGA is gigabyte 5750 and evertyhing works fantastic except sleep. Can somebody help? Thanks
  8. Hello, First many many thanks on your efforts, thanks for boot cd and thanks for dstd. I have overheating problem and no knowlege about editing dstd and P-states and no time to learn because it is machine on my work place where I must, you guess work and employer does not allowed taking it home.I spent almost a month on this but I can not solve temperatures that are so high that it is frightening. Coolbook shows 99 celsius. I install everything by the book with 10.6.5 combo update, retail and boot cd 0.3. from Black_CH I am ok to stay on that because everything I need works on that version for now. I have 6710b with Vista and it is so slow with 1gb I can bare it no more and OSX works faster than vista even from external usb drive and throtled by coolbook on 800 mhy?Or that readings are wrong? Because Istat pro shows lower temperatures by 13 points. I spent long time with various guides to no avail until I stumble upon this thread. Yours files work amazingly and everything work (ok I lost sleep with new package but on retail 10.6.0 and extra and extensions package all worked like is made for it). I was looking elswhere and dstds which juanerson was making for 6710b but no dstds works for me same for kexts from other guides made for my model. Looks like this is very complicate notebook with many model variants because others dstd for same machine corrupted my graphic or something else. Only dstd from this thread work for me.But only problem is bad bad overheating. I have x3100 graphic 0x2a02 and T7300 on 2 ghz merom, I think it is merom?Fan Is working all the time very loud but all the same machine is blazingly hot. I can do everything but dstd editing, even that with dstdse if someone tell me where to insert what text. But I am plain newbie bear that in mind and ignorant about dstd. Thaks so far and hope someone can make dstd for 6710b or adapt dstd for yours 6720s. I know that nobody have time but I cant do anything more, I would need another month to learn how and what to change dstd myself and I would do it if I can be shure that I am able for that, but when I see opened file I doubt very much. Any way gigantic effort and progress you all make here thanks again. Please help if you can spare litlle time I hope that changing P states is no trouble for someone who knows what to do?
  9. ATI 5450 On 10.6.8 without ATY_init

    Works everything but locks and freezes constantly, black sreen, system is uselles.Boot is fine and boots with driver loaded. I can reproduce error by opening many windows simoutanesly and dashboard in no time, in normal working sometimes in minutes sometimes in 20 minutes intervals. Need restart to continue without loaded driver everything is A ok. Soon as driver loaded lockups occured. I can load driver with aty_init or ati5000 injection. There was not device id in ati5000 controler so I edited info.plist. Erorr is visible in 32 and 64 boot. Anybody with solution or same problem? Saphire 5450 512MB hdmi vga dvi I saw in ati3000.kext device id from mz card so I delete kext now I have resolutions flash video and no lockups but no QE EDIT: My bad, faulty card, here we go to shoping again!
  10. 1005ha overheating after 10.6.6 update

    yes it works no problem guide on http://technotalkblog.wordpress.com/by member muragby I updated by metode 2 with package kernel
  11. Overheating Issues on 1005HA/1005HAB (my guide)

    This is worked for me appleacpiplatform.kext was the problem, changed with version in this thread and fan works. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1701743 Before that chameleon would on boot instantly cut my fan and I was always putting netbook to sleep and wake and only after that fan would work as supposed. Battery trick did not work. Interesting was that fan worked normaly without battery. I think that must be something with ram , battery dstd patch and fan.
  12. Asus 1005hab (works for 1005ha) Snow Leopard Install Guide

    About overheating problem this works for me acpi kext was the culpirit http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1701743
  13. 1005ha overheating after 10.6.6 update

    thanks your acpi kext works my fan now works before at chameleon fan would stop spining and I have to put netbook to sleep than wake and from that point fan would work as supposed. I have about 3 times meltdowns and plastic still stinks to bad I did not find this solution before. Thank you very much, btw seem s to me that fan works louder than before but it works thank you thank you eh hotkeys still no go
  14. 1005ha overheating after 10.6.6 update

    It did not work for me but thanks anyway, interesting is that when battery is out fans work ok so this must have something with battery and fix for 1 gb ram so the battery indicator can work, probably if I have 2 gigs I would have working indicator and original dstd and probably no overheating problem? I will try with acpi kext from bellow.
  15. Does anyone have this card working in snow leopard and how? Many many thanks for this topic, flawlessly functioning under iDeneb 10.5.6 updated to 10.5.8. On snow far as I go was boot in safe mode agp gart 2.71 finds card but no go after that, aty netkas agp enabler finds it like pci card in slot 1 and there story stops, and with original kext and aty init from snow x2000 kext I got full boot but graphic was garbled with bricks but it seems like it could work? so close so far bah. anyone have snow working?