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    iClover Installation Vizio CT15-A4

    Okay so I got it to install. Now when I boot with clover and into the Mac installation drive....it freezes halfway loading the bar with the Apple screen. In verbose mode...it freezes in the pic below. Also booted with kext-dev-mode=1 Not sure how to get it to boot all the way.
  2. I am having trouble installing Yosemite. I keep getting to the installation screen which comes out laggy when at the screen. I click okay and then the screen reaches a "could not install" and only allows for a save log report. I installed as directed by the latest iClover instructions and created plist by Hackintosh Vietnam. Any thoughts? I know the method of explaining is very vague. But if need be... I can upload info if need be. PC is : Vizio CT15-A4 Synaptic Trackpad, IvyBridge i5,HD4000 integrated graphics card, hackintosh friendly atheros wifi card.
  3. joeminati

    Dell Latitude 13 post op

    I have a sweet Dell Latitude 13 laptop running 10.6.3. I used the iAtkos S3 V2 version and everything works great. Well, almost. I notice the sound card has a hissing sound when listened to carefully. Also, the webcam apps show that the internal webcam is being used by another program. Aside from how to update, any ideas what the kexts are for these two situations? I am using ALC 269HD card. Wish the graphic card would work on 4500 mhd, but I know its useless to ask for help in that.