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  1. Hi D00d can you please post your RIP script for Sleep for EX58-UD5, I read in other place you modified it thank you so much
  2. Mountain Lion sleeps fine but mountain lion server fails to sleep wow great observation finally fixed my sleep issue
  3. Problem Solved Actually I updated my GA EX58-UD5 motherboard BIOS to F13 that caused delayed sleep in 10.7.3 Also I observed it cannot boot Acronis From USB So Reverted back to F13v now all problems gone Sleep is super fast I think D00d also could not observed what what you and I observed because his BIOS is older version
  4. karaakeha1

    First tries

    Pl help with this kernel panic
  5. I have installed just 10.7.2 on another Hard Drive , that goes to sleep right after clicking sleep.when I update to 10.7.3 Sleep problem appears
  6. can you please post your DSDT as we have the same board and processor
  7. NO we are here refering to sleep just after clicking sleep from apple menu
  8. James Littler Same here now putting the PC to sleep takes a long time wake up is fine
  9. karaakeha1

    Mac App Store in Lion GM not connecting.

    Also make sure ethernet string is also added along with video efi string
  10. this is just the old kext at kexts.com for On board network card RealtekR1000Lion.kext.zip
  11. Finally wake up works fine now Culprit was AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext removed this and I installed RealtekR1000.kext wake up is instant
  12. yes the latest patch for GM After wakeup is black screen Have to force restart or shut down so not working as was in DP4
  13. Lion GM Sleep works after patch but fails to wake up after sleep, need force restart or power off But same patch worked fine DP4
  14. You are Right with power switch it goes to sleep but to wake up need mouse or keyboard. NO wakeUP with POWER Button . And there is no such issue with Snow Leopard So looks like both old and new patching for Lion are not perfect