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  1. Mavericks on Lenovo B570

    Do you have WLAN-support? I've got a AtherosWifiInjector.kext but if I install it, the computer doesnt boot until I remove the dsdt or the atheroskext. But if I remove the dsdt, I have no audio but WLAN (if the atheros kext is installed).
  2. Recreated my USB stick with the retail of ML with myHack and installed again. Installation was without problems again and I could boot with -x GraphicsEnabler=no after I removed all AppleIntelHD, AppleIntelSNB, AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer kexts. But I can only boot with -x. Without it, it stucks now at the apple logo after the circle stops moving.
  3. Successfully installed ML2 on my Lenovo too(i3 CPU) But I have still some problems. For example the touchpad. It doesn't support Multitouch for some reason. I had Lion before, so I know that Multitouch has to work normally. The same goes to the audio. I read that here that I should easily just take the kexts which were given in iAtkos L2 (which I had installed) but surprisely I cannot open the the content of the image. When I'm mounting the .dmg file I can see iAtkos L2 on my desktop and normally I right click on that and show the package content. But there is no option. There is also another weird thing, when I double click on L2, I see just an empty window with the iAtkos L2 background, but nothing else to click. How can I extract the kext from there, or could somebody upload them for me? I would like the AppleHDA, VoodoHDA and everything what is connected to the mouse and keyboard edit: Audio works now with the latest Voodoo-driver. Tried also the ps2-Kexts from iAtkos L2 but still no MultiTouch-Support. OS X doesn't find ApplesSynapticsTrackpad, so it says ^^
  4. You misunderstood me I think. I don't want to install ML onto my laptop, which I wrote to the signature. I want to install it onto my desktop PC. The hardware is listed in the first post.
  5. Link to the picture. After that messages, it comes to the white Screen with the Apple Logo and the mouse cursor appears. And with here is my Extra folder.
  6. That's what iFire already told. I tried that with all the kext and with that advise I came to the mouse-cursor. Before that I even couldn't see the cursor, Got a panic without starting in verbose mode and stucked after the IOBluetooth... log, when I booted in verbose mode.
  7. Still the same anyway :/ Still the same anyway :/
  8. Already installed with MBR :/ But I haven't to boot with any flags to the installation.
  9. It was already set to pciE. Still doesn't continue after the mouse appears and tried with GraphicsEnabler = yes. I should maybe add that I even can't control the mouse cursor.
  10. Now if I boot with GraphicsEnabler=No, it doesn't come to the mouse cursor again, without it, but with the other flags, nothing changes. It still doesn't continue at when the cursor appears.
  11. Well, now I'm coming to the apple logo and the mouse cursor appears in the upper left corner. But from there it doesn't continue again.
  12. Would the script work if I boot with -s into the installation?I can use my keyboard there
  13. I can't use my keyboard. Tried with a USB and a ps2 keyboard. When it boots with the -s flag it looses the connection. Still any ideas?
  14. Didnt helped, but I couldn't really turn the hd2500 off in the bios. But I also post the log on the screen when I am trying to boot in verbose mode. It doesn't continue at the end of the line..
  15. I will try that when coming home. But if I disable the hd4000 and boot up with graphics enabler = no, don't I havent then graphic in general?