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  1. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    Please post exactly how QE/CI can been enabled on X1700! I just want to know that, no matter resolution is good or bad! @Maxx, Could you be so kind and post your kext's until now ! ? It could really help the community to develop the X1700 driver! Thank you for helping!
  2. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    How its going maxx? When can we expect a driver for our X1700's ? Greetings
  3. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    You are my God Maxxx, please keep on developing the kext for X1700!!!! I'll hang on and test your kext's too, if you want. Greetings, lord
  4. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    Seems like an wrong EDID, check this thread out for getting EDID and put it into kext's! Everything you need to change EDID etc is described in this Thread. Greetings, lord
  5. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    I have Asus A8JP with X1700! Pls Give more exact informations so i can continue from that point! I downloaded Atiinject.kext from Mathieu Attachement Page 12, put in "0x71C51002&0x0000ffff" (without quotes), put in my edid, chown'ed and chmod'ed Atiinject, removed extensions cache and repaired DiskPermissions. After Reboot Atiinject is loading and ill can see the loginwindow for a thousand of a second before it goes black Dont know what to do now! I Have MacOSX 1049 with 881 Kernel! Greetings, lord
  6. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    X1700 isn't supported yet by Natit or any other Apple Graphics Driver! There are some guys who try to get that X1700 workin! So now you can just wait. Greetings, lord
  7. Hang on Grey Apple screen - SOLVED

    Do you have full CI/QE with an X1700 ? Me and many other Users with Asus A8JP are waiting for a solution with this graphic stuff! Greetings PS: Oh, and what does VMware server tells me? Is it not a native install?
  8. X1700 kernel panic | Screenshot inside!

    Nothing New Yet, i'm in contact with diabolik and we try some new ways but always its a kernel panic
  9. How to locate the failure?

    Here is a screenshot, but i dont think it helps you. But if you have any ideas on how to fix this kernel panic i would be soooooo glad! Greetings
  10. Hi guys, as some of you already know, i have an Asus A8Jp laptop with a X1700 graphics card and always get a kernel panic. But i asked myself if there might be a way to locate the failure a little bit more precisely than this simple Kernel Panic error. Do you have an idea to locate failures precisely? Especialley graphically kext failures. Greetings
  11. Hi folks, im trying to get my X1700 working with Diabolik's method but i get always a kernel panic in AtiRadeonX1000.kext! I have ATINDRV 10.4.5 and IONDRVSupport 10.4.5 in my extensions...also i have Mobility.kext and Atiradeonx1000.kext! Without Atiradeonx1000.kext MacOs boots and shows that X1700 is found, but no kext loaded for it(no CI/QE). With AtiRadeonX1000.kext i get a kernel panic! I just added Dev and Ven Id to Atiradeonx1000.kext! Screenshot Thank you for helping, Greetings, lord
  12. Intel Wireless driver

    Sorry that i ask but: will my Intel3945 work with V3? Will all functions work? Greetigns, lord
  13. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    I have a Asus A8JP with X1700. If i can help you with development let me know it in this thread. Or do you have any other theoretical solutions for X1700 so that i can test them before you get your Notebook back from Asus. Greetings
  14. Intel Wireless driver

    Nice job guys, thats a big step forward. But now we need a kext for 3945
  15. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    I'll post it this evening here...