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  1. Leopard upgrade

    Except this would sort of bugger up all the Apple support solutions that call for you to boot up from your install disk huh.. Aratmanecomus: Apple don't do any checks on who's installing what because, theoretically, they're still in the money anyway, given it can only be installed on computers made by them. Hackintosh is the exception of course, but that's why Apple does go after uploaded copies (I think..)
  2. Have you removed Leopard today?

    What did you do before the NTFS-3g drivers were developed? It's not like Tiger supported NTFS from the off (or does at all really, as you say yourself its third party all the way; its essentially a hack.) And do you really think that the team behind it are just gonna throw their hands up and say it doesn't work with Leopard full stop, and never will? Lack of compatibility with a fairly hackish third party file system driver is hardly going to inspire a Vista-esque dismissal of the entire OS... Also your bizarre and really rather paranoid comment at the end of your last post is confusing indeed. Are you suggesting Apple have purposefully nerfed this 'NTFS support'?(in inverted commas because it's not like it's native) Does Windows support HFS+? What other apps don't work in Leopard that did in Tiger? Did Apple nerf all those too?
  3. 'Mum's the word' means 'Don't talk' Seems clear to me.
  4. Opinions on Leopard Folder icons

    Think how ridiculous the tiger three-quarter-view folders would look in coverflow.
  5. Build 9a527

    I think kevnaca was referring to the operating system itself, rather than one sub application of it. I still wouldn't be surprised if front row was abandoned entirely in the final build of leopard. But yes, the hacked-up apple tv that is front row 2 needs a huge amount of work.
  6. Internet Connect missing in 9A527?

    The implication on ThinkSecret was that it has been superceded by the updated networks prefpane. The only thing it dealt with that couldn't be dealth with in System Preferences, 802.1x validation, is now in the networks prefpane too now. They say though that the prefpane's 802.1x implementation is still quite buggy.
  7. Dock Question?

    What happens if you drag an alias to the dock?
  8. Leopard Nearly Finalized

    Leopard is sharp like a dart, fastest OS I've ever used. Dropping back to Tiger after trying 9a466 was like diving into a pool of.. something dense. Any current 'poor performance' is definately just as MyMac8MyPc says; code tweaking left to be done.
  9. Accidentally Deleted Safari!

    System > Installation > Packages > Safari.pkg on the leopard installation disk.
  10. New Apple Ultra-flat keyboard?

    It's got a function key like a laptop keyboard - above the delete key
  11. Google pulls a Microsoftian approach

    NOT bidding in an auction isn't really a threat.. I'm sure the other bidders would be going very high indeed anyway, and please bear in mind that the 'demands' set in place by Google are pretty much what the FCC has publicly stated is neccessary for the 700MHz spectrum anyway. This is like google saying 'we're only interested in buying this product if it's exactly as the people selling it say it is'. Which is fair enough, I reckon.
  12. time machine Background

    Is that a whole-of-screen screenshot or have you screenshotted a selection? I was wondering perhaps if this is some odd effect caused by not using a widescreen resolution display.. I remember finding the time machine backdrop inside the time machine app, its just a PNG.. what'd make it distort like that?
  13. Buh.. how is the imac 6.8" deep? Or do you include the stand? If so, then surely any newly designed imac will have a similarly deep stand, else how would the thing stay upright?
  14. Core animation demo in Leopard

    Its not the appletv intro vid. It looks like it, but it demonstrates core animation by allowing the user to search the videos shown by typing in tags, as tags are typed in, it displays a coverflow-esque view in the foreground of all of the matching videos, all still playing, which populate this new view by flying out from the appletv-intro 'wall' in the background.