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  1. On fixing the display issue for 10.6.6: I'm new to using MacOS X on hardware other than Apple's So it was a bit of a steep learning curve installing Mac OS X and getting it up to 10.6.6 so I can run XCode4 on my Asus Eeebox B202 The solution involves following the instructions found here: http://tdev.me/2011/01/mach-kernel-atom-10...10-6-6/?lang=en Which is apparently the person releasing the kernels for these Atom processors - thanks Tea! If you're having hassles with your display after updating to 10.6.6, and you're on an Intel GMA950, read this and note the location of those files especially: Quoting Tea After doing this and running Kext Utility.app(found here), I got errors "system extension cannot be used", but rebooted and everything seems to be working good. I have all my resolutions back yay! As an aside, VLC won't play any videos(just crashing) but MPlayer works OK, even if the machine is a bit slow with only 1Gb of RAM on the 1.6ghz sigle core Atom. Ciao
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    Can anybody tell me why my messages get ignored? I've read the rules how many times now, but my messages don't get posted. Really frustrated