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  1. G5 Case Mod v2 for SBS 2011 Standard

    I had to clean up my case with a paste of baking soda and distilled water and scrubbed with a non scratch plastic scrubbie pad, it was a leaky liquid cooled unit that died a dramatic death. I accidentally scrubbed the Apple logo and it started coming off. It does not hurt the anodized aluminum surface at all.
  2. Well, I've finally found a solution. If I use the MacVidia 1.0.81 files following the directions at part 5 of the C840 guide at the Reformed website. No QE or CI, but who cares? The confusion for me came from my Quadro4 500 GoGL 64MB card (NV17gl). It is very similar to the Geforce440 Go card (NV17), not the Quadro4 700 GoGL (NV28). That is why NvidiaEFI didn't work for me and MacVidia did. I'm now able to use any res I want including the native 1600x1200.
  3. NVidiaEFI 1.0.2

    I have been having a hard time finding these files since the MacVidia site crapped out. The 1.0.2 version is out there, but the others are not so easy to locate, so I thought I'd post them here. Luckily I emailed them to myself at one point, so I still have them. I think the 1.0.2 version is the latest and the 1.2.3 is a modified version of 1.0.2. I added the MacVidia files too. I cannot find the MacVidia 1.08 installer, though. NVidiaEFI.1.0.1.kext.zip NVidiaEFI.1.0.2.kext.zip NVidiaEFI.kext.1.2.3.zip MacVidia_NVDriver107.zip MacVidia_1.0.81.pkg.zip
  4. I have a Dell Precision M50 laptop with an NVidia Quadro4 GOGL 64mb graphics card and I followed the instructions at http://www.thereformed.org/2007/05/01/howt...de-c840-part-4/ to get everything working. The Macvidia beta 2 driver did not work for me at first to change resolution. I got a black screen with different colored bands on the right hand side. Sometimes I would get a blank white screen. I finally booted off the install DVD and went to utilities and chose Startup. I chose to boot from the installed OSX on the hard drive at this point. My laptop rebooted normally and now gives me the option to change the resolution. It is working fine at 1600 x 1200. No CI or QE, but it works. Can anyone tell me why or if there is a better solution? This may help people who have a latitude c840 or an inspiron 8200, because I've read they all use the same motherboard.
  5. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    I am running Tubgirls 10.4.8 AMD Final on my Asrock 939 dual sata2 motherboard. I couldn't get my onboard sound working so I put in a SoundBlaster 128 pci that I had. Same thing. Works for a few minutes, then endless crackles. From the research I've done, no one has come up with a fix for it. What I did was buy a cheap USB 5.1 sound card off Ebay. It isn't listed as being Mac compatible, but it is. Here is the link to the one I bought: http://cgi.ebay.com/USB-2-0-5-1-CH-3D-Note...7QQcmdZViewItem It works natively as a stereo (not 5.1 surround) USB Audio device. $6.50 to never have to worry about OSX86 sound card drivers? Worth every penny.