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  1. I installed the uphuck 10.4.9 dvd. The install goes fine then reboots. At that point, at the OS selector screen (Darwin), when I select Mac osx it quickly flashes then...back to the os selector screen. I can select Windows xp no problem. Anyone figure this out?
  2. mac86

    intel D945GCCR install problems

    will uphuck 10.4.9 not work on this machine?
  3. I did my share of reading before buying this board. I am getting the ol' "still waiting for root device" error when I boot to disc. I cant even get it to install. From what I read, the sata problems were solved and i have seen tons of people using this board with sata drives. Did I miss something in bios?
  4. mac86

    boot camp now supports vista

    Title says it all. BOot camp beta 1.2 available from apple.com
  5. Well, I buy alot of DVD movies and put them onto my hard drive in order to keep them organized. If I cant play this content on an AppltTV then I wont bother getting one. MS or Sony will release a competitor that doesn't limit their hardware soon... I could've sworn that in that video there was a choice for 1080?
  6. The only reason I havent purchased one is the fact that that Apple will make that thing ONLY play purchased content. I hate the fact that I cant convert songs I have purchased from iTunes to MP3. If you buy something, you should be able to do what you want with it. AppleTV is a great concept but they should let it sync with your computer and play all types of video formats. They are not the police of content, so why should they care what you're using the Appletv for? Apple is a "hardware company"
  7. Well, I remember when IBM created the BIOS. A little while later, others reverse engineered it and "functionally duplicated" the BIOS. IBM took these guys to court and lost their ass.
  8. mac86

    24" iMac Core2Duo

    How did it take you 10 minutes to replace the HD?
  9. mac86

    Boot Camp won't run...

    Make sure that you are updating with the newest firmware. There is a firmware update then there's one for boot camp. I cant remember the number off hand but it's almost 90mb in size
  10. mac86

    Vista RC1 - Post your thoughts...

    Huuuuge speed improvement! I did an upgrade through boot camp and all drivers, media keys (including eject button) work great. It really is much faster.
  11. Ok, I followed the instructions above and I cant launch Boot Camp. It keeps giving me the "you must update system software to launch..." error. I checked my partition info in single user mode and they match the above specs. I then updated the firmware to 1.0.1, I rebooted and zapped the pram and then once in os x tried to launch Boot Camp...no go. I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling Boot Camp and still no dice. Whenever I double click on the updaters for either SMC or iMac firmware updater each say that my system is up to date. Any ideas here?
  12. For some reason when I formatted my xp install and reinstalled the volume keys do not work in xp. I uninstalled/reinstalled the keyboard in device manager but no dice. Anyone have a fix for this?
  13. mac86

    Final Cut studio?

    Any links to a download? I'd like to try it out before dropping the $1200
  14. mac86

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    My windows installation is formatted NTFS. I didnt want interoperability in case a virus attacked. Doom 3 on ultra high settings keeps the fps pegged at 60 occasionally flashing 58. I understand that there is a limiter on there. I am amazed at the speed so far....Completely blows my AMD 3500+ venice out of the water. Im on a 20" imac w/ 1 gig ram
  15. mac86

    Fast as ****

    Ok I'll bite, what's wrong with my screenshots? You do realize that you're in the mac dual booting section of the osx86 forums right?? I installed it for quickbooks and gaming...not much else. It does fly though.