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  1. Decided to give snow leopard a try. Can't seem to get dual screens up on leopard. Perfektpill, were you able to solve the above issue?
  2. Ok, I've tried jsut about everything here. With and without natit, evoenabler, legacy4800controller, 4800controller (with the 9442 deviceid),... The best I get is 1 working screen, dual working screens booting with 1 screen attached and then connecting the other screen later but then mouse and keyboard don't work or dual blue screen... I have a 435MT with gigabyte 4850 dual dvi - no dongles, 512mb, OS X 10.5.8 (retail). Thanks a billion for any help !!! ps. also, never got sleep to work. has anyone?
  3. Hmm, I just get 2 blue screens with this boot.plist ... I repaired permissions. Am I overlooking anything?
  4. Has anyone been able to get dual monitors working with ati 4850 (dual dvi) and 10.5.8 ??
  5. I would like to give 10.5.8 a shot. Are there any issues with this? I read that it breaks sleep on some machines...
  6. For everyone who still has trouble getting their 4850 (dual DVI) card to work in 10.5.7, here's how I got it working. 1. removed all kexts starting with ATI* 2. removed Natit.kext 3. reboot 4. graphics work, but only 1024*768 5. follow this guide to the letter: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=155477 I also have netkas' latest natit and ATY_init installed. The display goes to sleep and wakes up again, but the machine itself doesn't... Also, I never got sound to work. The headphone jack in the front works fine, but all the audio-ports at the back are dead... grts, DW
  7. Thanks Nick, I should've known that one... Something else I noticed: Ever since I installed 10.5.7, I can't boot into my iAtkos v5 partition no more... Would this have something to do with installing chameleon 2 on the Vanilla partition? strange...
  8. Hello, Ok, so I got 10.5.7 installed and working "perfectly" following titelio's guide. Thanks dude! A few minor issues though: - doesn't wake up from sleep... (seems to be tied to the graphics card, cos I can hear the machine itself power back up. I have a radeon HD3650 with natit.kext installed) - Activity monitor's CPU usage shows 8 graphs, but system profiler shows 1 processor 4 cores - Did something wrong with OSXtools and messed up "About this mac" text. I didn't use any special characters (as I was warned to not do) though. How do I fix this? All I see now is stuff like ABOUT_BOX_VERSION_FORMAT_STRING and such... Any help greatly appreciated! DW
  9. Ok, 10.5.7 up and running. Titelio you're the best Doesn't wake up from sleep. It has something to do with my HD3650 card... Will keep on trying.
  10. Phew, finally got 10.5.6 retail up and running. Thanks Titelio for the tips! Will try 10.5.7 today. Has anyone given 10.5.8 a shot?
  11. titelio seemed to have the same problem I do. I tried both Yardie's and DD's kexts to no avail. This is how I did it: Deleted the old kexts, copied the new ones over, deleted the mkext file and repaired permissions. Am I missing something? titelio, if you're reading this, how did you solve it? thnx, DW
  12. Hi Yardie, Here's a screenshot. Still trying to get past this kernel panic...
  13. ok, i'm officially stuck :'( I can't boot into vanilla. With Yardie's com.apple.Boot.plist installed, all I get is a quick flash and the screen goes right back to the chameleon menu (regardless of the boot options used). With the original com.apple.Boot.plist installed, I get a bit further when using -x or -f , but the result is an almost immediate reboot of the system. FYI, I have the exact same setup (HD3650 256mb, 4gig ram, 500gig HD, HD audio, etc.) Anybody? OK, found it. mach_kernel.voodoo of course... sorry for being such a noob ;-) get a kernel panic on acpi now, will deal with that tomorrow.
  14. DSDT Patcher

    Hi guys, Sorry for the probably noob question, but I can't seem to be able to run the DSDT Patcher from the command line... Doubleclicking on it works fine, but when I wanna edit the dsdt.dst file and rerun the patcher like so : "DSDT\ Patcher dsdt.dst" I get "command not found"... Am I missing something? It is a unix executable file, so why do I get the "command not found" error? nevermind. I just had to specify all the subfolders.
  15. Ok, so on my (store bought) 10.5.6 copy, there is no System/Library/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg it's System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg Anyway, the installation froze... It says: "Installing Base System" "Validating package" can't even move the mouse around Ok, the dsdt patcher did not only speed up boottime something incredible but also fixed the frozen OS problem :-D I followed the entire guide, but can't boot into the leopard install. Here's what I did: everything in yardie's guide except for ethernet and sound I used his kext package and the voodoo kernel. I also replaced the system.kext twice... first time with the one in his archive and then with the one that came with voodoo kernel. At the chameleon menu when I choose to boot into Vanilla (in verbose mode) I get a quick flash of text and the menu just pops up again... I can't read the text, it goes too fast, but I can make out boot and plist (I did replace the com.apple.Boot.plist) I also did these: Copy the Voodoo mach_kernel to the root of Vanilla. Put the kexts I include into the Extensions folder. Run the PC_EFIv9 installer to set Vanilla as the default drive. Run the ATI 3650 Package to get special kexts for the 3650 and Natit.kext. Put the DSDT.aml file into the root of Vanilla Put the com.apple.Boot.plist into /Volumes/Vanilla*/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration Any thoughts?