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  1. QE/CI ON 3650

    Aanyone to help me out ???
  2. QE/CI ON 3650

    Am on Snow Leopard 10.6.2.....i need a guide or kext to get it working
  3. QE/CI ON 3650

    Hi All,i have a ThinkPad W500.......and i have failed to get QE/CI working,i have Googled and failed to get a promper solution to get it working..any workround for this ?
  4. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    I have moved it but still its still the same problem...0 bytes files
  5. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    I have tried it but still 0 bytes file....also tried Dongs RadeonDump but it gives "bad CPU type" error
  6. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    I have used Everest..and the dump file is 0 bytes
  7. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    What else after that ???
  8. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    Am sounding Newbish...But Leopard to start it all...i don't really know where to start from !!!...should i go to S/L/E and copy ATIFRAMEBUFFER ??? because am using Radeon HD to get the resolution change...How can i get the video dump of my 3400 ? and then which dmseg command am i to type in terminal...i have read Mucha's guide but kinda understood nothing..but i downloaded sharksFB...i don't really know what to do next Thanks again
  9. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    Thanks Leopard big time...also interested in getting QE/CI but can u point to me the link for that guide ?? xD;
  10. Hi Guys...i used EayBCD to create an entry for Snow Leopard..when ever i select it,i get this error Error parsing plist file PATCHED DMI TABLE Ebios read error 0x04 block 0x6d1e8c29 sector 0 i have tried different versions of chameleon but still i can't boot from the hard drive. any help ?????/
  11. Can this work on my HD 3400...i have got full resolution but no QE/CI..,,and can this work on 10.6 ??
  12. Ati mobility radeon for dell studio

    Hi Guys,i have been searching everywhere and am now ready to face the wrath if am to !!!! I have Radeon HD Mobility 3400 and i have managed to get full resolution of 1600x900 but no QE/CI...This means i can't get the power of iMovie,VLC,DVD player...is there any workaround for QE/CI on HD 3400 ????
  13. Hi Guys, am using one of Dong's RadeonHD kext which got me full resolution of 1600x900...but now even if am running on batteries,i can't dim my screen to minimize battery usage..any way to get this enables
  14. Hi Guys, I got my speakers to work as per this guide CONFIGURE SOUND DRIVER The Sony FW11E has an Intel High Definition Audio Controller (8086:293e) and a Realtek ALC262 codec (10ec:0262). Remove AppleHDA.kext from /system/library/extensions (you may want to make a copy of it). Copy the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext to your desktop. Open AppleAzaliaAudio.kext/Contents/Info.plist file that is now on your desktop in an editor (i.e. sudo pico “filename”). Search for “IOHDAudioCodecVendorID”, below it you will see the value “0x10ec0880” change this to “0x10ec0262 and save the file. Open AppleAzaliaAudio.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleAzaliaController.kext/Contents/Info.plist that is on your desktop in an editor. Search for “IOPCIPrimaryMatch”. Below this will be some values, change the first one (if there is more than one) to “0x293e8086” and save the file. Open kexthelper application and reinstall the modified AppleAzaliaController.kext that is on your desktop. Restart OS X and your speakers should now work. ************************************************ But now even if i plug in the headsets, they don't completely work ! any wprkaround for this ???
  15. Hi Guys, am using chameleon 2.0 rc 5 but i can't boot from the hard drive..i keep getting this error.. "patched DMI TABLE" EBIOS read error.. am using a custom DSDT...i have tried different versions of chameleon but still same error