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  1. Why haven't Gigabyte release these on their official site?
  2. Can someone help me get my computer recognized as MacPro3,1 in Geekbench. I've tried modifying the smbios.plist several times, but only profiler recognizes it as MacPro, geekbench doesn't.
  3. 10.5.7 Released

    I am getting the orange hard disk icon and the unknown AHCI. I've tried ell the kext icluding the one that I have used in 10.5.6, but the orange disk icon just won't go away. Any ideas on how to solve this issue?
  4. Is a DSDT.aml needed in order for chameleon 2 to work in a Boot 132 install?
  5. Are these kexts necessary? Have you included them in the new v4.4? Also, can I install the updates using my current install or do I need a utility partition, since I don't have one. Thanks.
  6. In this case should I download the combo or the normal update? Also, I wont need to install the v4.4 kexts?
  7. Can I run combo update directly from my 10.5.5 install then install the v4.4 kext? And do i need to install EFIv9 or can I still use Chameleon and if I do need EFIv9, can I install it over Chameleon? And just to make sure...I won't need the DSDT patch right?
  8. I am currently looking for a good cooler. I have heard that Arctic Freezer 7 Pro and TRUE are good choices. I was just wondering which is best if i want to overclock my Intel Q6600 to around 3.4-3.6. Any other cooler recommendation would also be welcomed. Thanks.
  9. SATA Converter

    I'm trying to convert my IDE optical drive to SATA, therefore I bought an IDE to SATA converter. But when i plugged it in to one of the SATA ports, my computer doesn't detected even thought the drive's power is on. I'm using a GA-EP35-DS3L. Any help? Thanks.
  10. I did check the BIOS and my drive was first on the list. Could it be that I'm installing Retail from an MBR partitioned install to a GUID partition drive? Kalyway also gave me errors when I install it on GUID.... Can someone please help me. Thanks.
  11. Im using a EP35-DS3L motherboard, and Im trying to install retail to a new hard drive (SATA). I followed the instructions from an old Kalyway install on another drive (MBR). Whenever I installed and reboot i get stuck in the "Verifying DMI Pool" screen, even though I've installed Chameleon. I tried installing EFI V. 8 and it tells me that my target drive is not GUID while it is GUID. I've also try installing chameleon using OSX86Tools but when i boot to my new drive it gives me the b0 error. I can't even install kalyway 10.5.2 in my new drive since it'll give me the ">00000080 <00000002 000000C1 00000048 <00064028 J_". I've tried switching ports and messing with the bios, but it still won't work. Can it be my bios settings? Or what? Can anyone please help me?
  12. Can someone please give me their bios settings. Thanks.
  13. I installed Leopard using this method http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=86167. But when i rebooted and tried to boot form my installed drive, it gets stuck in the AHCI boot screen. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Everytime I ran the post patch it gave me "no such file or dirrectory" error, even though i changed the 'DESTINATION" to my target drive. Any ideas? Thanks. EDIT: figured it out, but now im stuck at "Verifying Pool Data", yes I've installed chameleon. Any help? Thanks. DIT: I tried installing EFI v8 and it says that my target partition was not GUID, but in disk utility it says GUID...any help
  15. Will Leopard read it as 1066 or 800, because I've heard that Leopard will only take rams up to 800.