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  1. Which app to use to patch DSDT on High Sierra and where to fined all patches for it?
  2. Thankyou for your good post. Can you help me with my DSDT? Send me Swede420’s iMac.zip swede420’s iMac.zip CLOVER.zip
  3. swede420


    Thanks, I will try it later.
  4. swede420


    I just downloaded high sierra from Appstore and made a USB installer and then installed it. And yes i am using apfs.efi in the mentioned directory.
  5. swede420


    Is this a bug in apfs? Its just hanging there and nothing happens. EDIT: I cannot copy it directly from my NTFS disk to the targeted folder which is my pictures folder but i can copy and paste it to my desktop and from there to pictures folder. ???
  6. Hi again! Is this ok or am I missing something?
  7. Thankyou but it is not working.
  8. I will not change port as it is connected directly to motheeboard and NOT to usb hubs in front or back of the pc. But thanks for your efforts anyway.
  9. Alijan’s iMac.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  10. yea, I want to see it as card reader not in usb.
  11. Never mind, I figured it out myself. But I can't do the same with my SD card reader. It is an Alcor usb card reader which I have connected to one of the USB ports on the motherboard. Although it is working OOB, I want it to show as native in about this mac.