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  1. Hi & thanks for the hints, problem solved! In my case I have 2 HD's in my system (1 for win, 1 for osx..one is connected to a standard sata port the other to the gigabyte raid controller (purple on the motherboard)...which allows me to selected at bios boot manager which system to boot)..this is where my problem kicked in, neither the windows installer nor the osx lion installer was able to handle this setup during installation process, both got "confused" as to where the sys should be installed, the osx installer even crashed before the actual installer came up. Solution: unplug power chord of the windows-harddisk before booting from lion usb installer! Then all goes well and after you finish the installation you can replug the windows disk and all is fine again Bios update to Version F6 is optional but not necessary! Thank you all & say hello to Lion on hackintosh!
  2. Hallo EP35 DS4 User, danke für Eure Tipps, ich habe inzwischen Erfolg gehabt mit der Lion Installation, alles funktioniert nun bestens. Inzwischen habe ich auch das Problem identifiziert und behoben: -in meinem System stecken 2 Festplatten, eine für Windooze und eine für OSX. Eine steckt an einem Standard Sata Port, die andere am internen Raid Controller (Lila auf dem Motherboard). Durch den Bios Boot Manager kann ich mir dann aussuchen, von welcher Platte ich starten möchte und hab auch keinen Ärger mit Chameleon und Win Masterbootrecord etc... da beide Systeme strikt getrennt sind. Das Problem ist nun, dass sowohl der Windows Installer wie auch der OSX Installer im Falle einer Installation nicht kapieren, welche Platte nun angesprochen werden soll, d.h. Windows 'verschluckt' sich an OSX und umgekehrt, der OSX Installer stürzt sogar ab. Lösung: vor der Lion oder Windows Installation (in dem oben beschriebenen Szenario) einfach den Stromstecker der nicht benötigten Platte abziehen und die Installation durchführen --> LION Installer bootet und das System lässt sich problemlos installieren, Chameleon im Abschluss installieren, die Kexts aus Nexos Post einfügen und alles ist startklar! Danach kann man dann die Windows Platte wieder anhängen und alles ist fluffig! Bios Update auf die F6 Version kann optional gemacht werden ist jedoch nicht zwingend notwendig. Noch 3 Tipps: - kextcache neu builden damit das System schneller bootet: sudo kextcache -v 1 -m /Volumes/[LION DISK]/Extra/Extensions.mkext /Volumes/[LION DISK]/Extra/Extensions/ /Volumes/[LION DISK]/System/Library/Extensions/ sudo kextcache -v 1 -m /Volumes/[LION DISK]/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext /Volumes/[LION DISK]/System/Library/Extensions/ - Bluetooth (ich verwende ein USB Bluetooth Modul für die Magic Mouse) findet die Maus manchmal nach Sleep nicht, Lösung: Bluetooth Service killen und neu starten aus Terminal oder per sh script: sudo launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.blued.plist sudo launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.blued.plist Apple ID / App Store reparieren Entgegen anderslautender Gerüchte sperrt Apple Hackintosh User nicht aus! Zu diesem Thema gibt es einen Threat mit Lösung hier --> (Network Fix und Eintrag in boot.plist) App Store reparieren That's it! Say hello to Lion on Hackintosh MacPro ;-) ------------------- Apple's new amazing product revealed at CodeMotion ------------------- A
  3. Tried without, result is unfortunately the same: reset before installer comes up.
  4. Hi, I have the same problem as JungMin, in the meantime I found several other posts here with similar motherboards that just reset before the installer even starts. My motherboard is a GA EP35-DS4 (Bios 01/02/2008), Geforce 8800 GT.. System boots fine from usb, loads the kernel kexts and then I guess the Installer should start up, this is exactly where the system just resets without warning... I tried the version from the app store as well as the goldenmaster,following the instructions in this guide here strictly.. has anybody similar problems & maybe even a solution yet? ;-) Any hint would be highly appreciated! :-) Thanks in advance! Please see the screenshot below, this is exactly what happens before the system resets...
  5. Danke Nexos™, habe gerade einen Versuch mit den Dateien aus deiner Zip-Datei und OSInstall.mpkg, (DSDT hab ich von meiner 10.6.8 genommen) hinter mich gebracht, Resultat: same same, Reset bevor der Installer kommt.. Langsam beginnt das grosse Rätselraten..momentan frag ich mich ob meine Bios Version (01/02/2008) das Problemkind ist... Ich warte gespannt auf den Guide und bleib ansonsten am Ball :-) Danke Dir trotzdem!
  6. Same problem here on a GA EP35-DS4.. System restarts before entering the actual installer...Any solutions yet? Any hint is highly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hat jemand bereits versucht Lion auf dem Ep35-DS4 zu installieren? Ich habe inzwischen die betreffenden HowTos alle gelesen (..) und habe sowohl den Goldmaster wie auch die Appstore Version durchprobiert.. Resultat: -die generierte Lion Version bootet vom externen USB Laufwerk -Kernel Extensions werden geladen...dann sollte wohl der eigentliche Installer selbst geladen werden und das ist genau die Stelle an der sich das System resetet und der Spass zu Ende ist... Hat jemand ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht bzw. dieses Problem gelöst? Ich habe mal versucht ein Foto zu machen, wie weit er von dem USB Laufwerk bootet bevor das System sich resetet, siehe Anhang... Jeder Tipp wird gerne entegengenommen..Danke! ;-)
  8. Hi, ok forget my previous post, the problem is solved here: Page 38 of LTL's Guide ..so it has nothing to do with EFIv9, AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, ACPIPlatform or 4 GB Ram, the solution goes like that: That's it, sleep works fine again. And furthermore, with a nice little app called "Smartsleep" you can control system's sleep mode via Preferences (you can choose between smart sleep, sleep, sleep & hibernate and hibernate...). You can download the app for example here: Smartsleep Have a nice day, gbuster
  9. Hi there, I installed Leopard on EP35-DS4 from a 10.5.2 Kalyway DVD and followed pcwiz's guide to upgrade all the way to 10.5.4. Then I upgraded to 10.5.5 via System Profiler..so far so good. Everything worked fine up to that point (QE, JMicron, Sound, WLAN pci-card and sleep/hibernate). About 14 days ago I decided to give it a shot and upgraded to 10.5.6 following LTL's update guide (here): I logged into my rescue/utility 10.5.2 system, installed 10.5.6 on my target partition, applied the kexts for ep35-ds4 and installed EFIv9. Everything is running fine now in 10.5.6 besides the fact that sleep/hibernate doesn't work at all. I checked the error msg I get ("sleepimage has garbage...") on netkas.org but couldn't find a proper solution so far...I tried several options mentionend on netkas site but none of them worked..and I also saw that there must be some guys out here who seem to suffer from the same prob... So my questions at this point are: - Is there something wrong with EFIv9 in the case of EP35-DS4 or - has anyone succeeded in activating sleep/hibernate in 10.5.6 with EFIv9 and this Gigabyte MoBo and if yes, how? (if yes, what kexts do you use, do I need AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement or ACPIPlatform or are my 4GB ram part of the problem or..?) - is the only way to get sleep running in this setup to use munky's modified Chameleon bootloader as mentionend above? Any hint would be highly appreciated... Thx, gbuster
  10. Problem using iDisk Public Folder

    Same problem here...
  11. Yap, thx for the hint! With the bios settings mentioned above the system shuts down properly and the cpu fan turns off. Thx again!
  12. Yeah, I decided to go for a GA Ep35-DS4 and everything runs fine now! The CPU is supported by OSX...and after some tweaking the System Profiler shows correct values now.
  13. I got the same mobo and the same problem, too. You're right the system does a real shutdown sometimes but not always, which means that in the case when it doesn't properly shut down the cpu fan still keeps spinning. At first I thought the problem would be with the shutdown command from finder, so I tried the shutdown command from a terminal: sudo shutdown -h now...well, this works sometimes and sometimes not, which means it is as good or as bad as the finder shutdown ;-) Has anyone a proper fix working? Yours, gbuster
  14. /push please don't ban me but I badly need an answer on this since I want to get things done (...)
  15. Hi, I've been watching this forum for quite a long time now and I also installed OSX 10.4 more or less successful on IBM T-Pad T42. Now I want to build a new system (in a G5 case I already ordererd)…I decided to go for a Core 2 Quad Q9450 CPU..so far so good. I looked through the HCL and picked 2 possible boards: - GA-P35-DS4 - Intel D975XBX2 "Bad Axe 2" / Intel D975XBXLKR I want to do some gaming on this setup, but above all I want a rockstable OS X 10.5.3 system which is as compatible as possible (and "hassle-free" to install )… Atm I consider as graphics card a GeForce 8600GTS…so I already have a general idea of the hardware setup but I would highly appreciate any advice or hints on the hardware setup I chose…especially which one of those 2 motherboards I should go for… Thanx in advance and keep up the good work you do here!