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  1. Okay i found the error, the generic Intel ICHx SATA device are not valid for 9/10. So on this mainboard you have to select a the ICH10 drivers and !NO! kernel from the list. After this i got my iPC 10.5.6 Live DVD installed on the machine.
  2. Well i'm on two gigabyte machines GA-35-DS3 and GA-45-DS3 and in both i tried it with SATA and IDE dvd's and without and with IDE harddisk and SATA Harddisk and without. I switched the internal IDE controller on and off and also this doesn't help. Unfortunately i don't have my EFix-USB at this place. It worked perfect with this hardware configuration and didn't make any problem. I will try with a pure IDE Harddisk/DVD system (after installing from SATA DVD) again. Last try. Last Hope
  3. Okay WinRAR doesn't work but "unrar" did. After this installation was fine (basic vga 1024x768, no sound, network/usb not tested).
  4. Hello, after a painful week of downloading i find that my winrar program is not able to correctly handle the 51 rar parts in this download. It stops with weird disk full messages after extracting ~ 800 MB. But the MD5 checksums for the parts are all okay. What program can i use that works correctly ?
  5. I'm a shareware programmer who also writes code that at least tries to keep the most stupid hackers out. One rule, never check for the BIOS time, take it from filestamps. So if you want check it also "touch" all files.
  6. Reminds me that i bought BeOS 4.2 and 5.0, bought 6 books (4 from Be) and spend around 450 US$ for this. I'm crazy, i even own an eMac 350 and a iMac G5. (But i work 95% with my WinXP and i'm happy, just because the compiler is so much faster then gcc). But i'm not sure if i would by hardware and software from Apple if i don't have to, but for another reason: i find apple hardware to general and not upgradable. I can't find anything in this 2x3 desktop model schema. So for people like me, it makes sense for apple to restrict there operating system.
  7. This doesn't matter in this discussion. It's a BSD kernel with a BSD license. So if apple decides it want stop open darwin and change it they can without a problem. It's not GPL, you can do everything and don't need to publish something. And Apple don't need to care about drivers. USB+Firewire are often so generic that they are easy to write for apple and for VideoCards etc. they only need a few ones for there limited models. So what ?
  8. Hello, As i use my system as a development system i want to boot into Win2000, WinXP (main OS on the system), SUSE Linux and MacOSX. I have a free unused 250 GB disk. Can i already install Win2000 and WinXP before the download of MacOSX is completed (i will use the patched generic DVD) ? Does MacOSX need a primary partition ?
  9. Success, Yes, But Usable Os X On X86?

    Can somebody here do some compilation of some free open source projects. This is a much much better benchmark about the performance as the photoshop or other things mentioned here. First, only few apps are really performance wise GUI bounded, even less use floating point operations extremely (yes photoshop might be one - depending on the filters). A gcc compiler run will always reveal the true performance as it is a good mix of disk access, cpu load and ram bandwith usage. So lets take a good easy to compile open source package. Compile it and post the results for a MacMini and an IntelMac. I think if downloading the source file for the ruby or python interpreter might work best as i'm sure both are build with simply typing ".configure ; make" Or is here really anybody who nows how to do even simplest programming tasks ?
  10. Gcc Benchmark

    Hello, maybe i find here somebody who can answer me a simple question: How performant is a native installation when it comes to C/C++/Cocoa code compilation , is it as fast as on a Linux system on the same machine ? Anybody who ever did a "time make" of some popular OSS on Linux and Tiger ?
  11. Success, Yes, But Usable Os X On X86?

    Hello brother in mind, i'm in exactly the same situation, i would spend US$ 1000 on a specialized Intel/AMD Hardware machine when i know that would run MacOSX. But it seems that people only install it, look at it and then switch back to there WinXP. I asked many times for application benchmarks instead the highly questionable XBench. Nobody replied here and in other boards. Especially i would see developer benchmarks as i'm a programmer and even a single CPU AMD2800XP outperforms a 2x2,3 PowerMac. But no feedback. I can't try it myself at the moment as i'm on a 56KDial up and a 1,2 GB Download would take 120 days. But i could give somebody some bucks to do this for me in the next weeks. But i find it exteremly disappointing that the guys and girls here are not posting anything about there usage experience.
  12. Hello, did anybody get a dual monitor system up and running natively. Does the intel 900MA graphics card support dual monitors ?
  13. Would you buy a Apple Mactel?

    Testing and maintaining will increase a lot. At the moment Apple only has a few different system to maintain and to deliver optimized device drivers. And yes the status is important for there hardware sales. We will see if Apple can maintain there status as a lifestyle company.
  14. Would you buy a Apple Mactel?

    I'm just going to switch from my iMac G5 back to a mac mini today (at least i buy the mac mini if i find it here in Chiang Mai's airport plaza - otherwise i must fly to Bangkok tomorrow). First i doubt that a mac mini would be made so fast, Apple has a strong product base line and the mac mini must be one of the slowest products. But nevertheless i will buy one. They canceled a deal about US$ 4500 (2x2,3 Mac + 2x20" Cinema Display), as i would normally have bought a new Power Mac, now my main development will use WinXP and i will switch later. And by the way, i don't like Apple nor do i find MacOSX so superior, and also the prices are snobbish overpriced, but hey the Apple customers have money and they spend it. So i need a good computer to get in touch with them.