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  1. Kernel and SMBIOSResolver Question

    Thanks for the reply, well the "Intel SSE2 SSE3 9.2.0 Sleep" kernel has sleep to, correct? I'm assuming because of the sleep in the name. ? Anyone else have more info on the SMBIOSResolver?
  2. A little bit of help

    Never mind about the image not working, I had to take of the bracket at the end. Your selections seem perfectly fine to me, not sure you need the Intel Speedstep but don't quote me on that. I believe because it's using the stock kernel it doesn't? I'm not sure, someone who does know please chime in. Other than that they seem like good choices, you can always try again if they don't work.
  3. initially some questions, then resassurance!

    Well I have no idea what I'm talking about as far as the advanced technical stuff goes but why not download a few disks, play with some combinations and see how much you can get working?
  4. Hey all, got a couple quick questions about the latest JaS release (10.5.4). 1. What's the difference between the "StageXNU" kernel and the "Intel SSE2 SSE3 9.2.0 Sleep" kernel. Now I know what SSE2 and 3 are but I don't know about the StageXNU kernel and last I checked sleep and speedstep didn't work on OSx86? I've got an Intel Pentium D 820. 2. What's the SMBIOSResolver and why are there so many? I've heard it gives you a serial number or some such thing? Am I correct and if I am why would you want one? Thanks for taking the time to read this, RahamanPatrick
  5. Inspiron 1420 Install And Drivers

    What do you mean kernel updates? If you mean did I select any of the patches, then no. I used the plain old vanilla kernel that is used on real Macs. (At least as far as I know). I did select something about EFI and about ACPI though. My battery meter doesn't work though and I can't get it to without modified the kernel.
  6. Inspiron 1420 Install And Drivers

    As a workaround there's an option to set "Turn of screen" as a hot corner. Go to Desktop and Screensaver Preferences and look for hot corners.
  7. Inspiron 1420 Install And Drivers

    Yes, I would be really interesting in finding out how to get the ethernet working too. I used your guide to install OS X on my 1420 and it works great, except for a few problems. My 8400m GS seems to work slower than in Windows. I only get about 15 FPS on the iTunes Visualizer in OS X whereas I got a lot more on Windows. Oh, and there's one more thing. Everytime I mute the sound or restart (or something) the sound stops working! I have to re-apply the kexts to get it working again. Any ideas on that? Thanks in advance, RahamanPatrick.
  8. OSx86 Install Won't Even START to Boot

    Hmmm, I do have the name set as "Mac OS X". I'll give it a go without the spaces and report back. Thanks for the tip! Now I just have to pray to the Apple gods that it works.
  9. OSx86 Install Won't Even START to Boot

    C'mon guys, can someone please help me out here?
  10. OSx86 Install Won't Even START to Boot

    Sorry, how am I supposed to use the -v flag if it won't even start to boot? It doesn't go past the BIOS. It only tried to boot on my first install, after I wiped that it won't even start to boot.
  11. OSx86 Install Won't Even START to Boot

    Hmm, my situation is really wierd though as I had 10.4.8 working perfectly before... :S I even had the Kalyway install try and boot the first time, but after the second install it never tried to boot again. Oh and my HDD is SATA by the way.
  12. OSx86 Install Won't Even START to Boot

    UPDATE: I just tried the iATKOS 10.5.1ir2 disk and it has the same problem
  13. Ok, so here's my problem. I've been trying to install the Kalyway 10.5.1 disk onto my computer. The first time I tried to install it it worked, sort of. It got to the booting screen after it was installed and told me I needed to restart my computer. The next time I tried to install I did not select anything in the custom options except all the sound card drivers and the MBR option. This is because I have an 8600 GTS and I read that I have to do that, then install NVInject later. I tried doing this three times, each time, the install finished, but my computer never gets past the BIOS and it never starts loading from the hard drive. I read that zeroing the partition can help so I did that too, still nothing. I know the HDD works fine becuase I'm runnning XP of it too (writing on that partition now). Any ideas? EDIT: I forgot to mention that before with the same computer I had OS X 10.4.8 running 100% perfectly. The only difference was the graphics card, which was an NVIDIA 6200 then. SPECS: Intel Pentium D 820 NVIDIA 8600 GTS C-Media 9880L Onboard Sound Card 1 GB RAM 250GB SATA Seagate Barracuda
  14. OSx86 Install with 8600 GTS OC

    Ok, is there a guide on how to use NVInject anywhere? And what install disk would you suggest? Thanks.
  15. OSx86 Install with 8600 GTS OC

    Hello all, I've been doing without OSx86 for a long time so I decided to pop back in and check if I can get it running on my system again. Questions: 1. Will my NVIDIA 8600 GTS work? I know that it wasn't supported before and there was no way to run OS X on it. It's this one: http://www.bfgtech.com/bfgr86256gtsoce.aspx 2. If the 8600 works, what install disk do you suggest for my system? I.e, what should I search for. Thanks in advance, RahamanPatrick