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  1. eelhead

    Mac Pro or PowerMac G5 case mod?

    The Mountain Mod tray is always available, I just ordered one two weeks ago for another G5 build I am doing. As for finding a case, ebay has been getting more and more easier to finding cheap ones ever since Lion came out there have been a lot more G5s on there. You might also want to check out DVWarehouse as well.
  2. eelhead

    tools for cutting rear IO on G5

    Will I used a small handheld jigsaw with a metal blade to do my big cuts and then I used a Dremal tool with metal cutting disks for fine cuts. You can try a handsaw as aluminum is soft but electric is the way to go for fast cutting.
  3. Hi Frikish Yeah Gus no longer makes them but if you see the two thread lines here with BlackCH and dontthroworanges, they are making them. BLackCH is in Europe and dontthroworanges is here in the States, I do believe lol I get my HDD cases on eBay, or atleast one I did. The ther was in the case and was really easy to glue together. Or you can try DVwarehouse. At DVwarehouse you can get a bunch of Mac parts and cases.
  4. eelhead

    G5 Case Mod v2 for SBS 2011 Standard

    Nice work so far!! Great little vids as well, gave them a thumbs up
  5. eelhead

    [Aiuto] App Store GUID non disponibile

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1706314 Se i passaggi precedenti legati non funziona, provate questo dopo, aggiungere le seguenti al mio com.apple.Boot.plist: <key> PCIRootUID </ key> <string> 1 </ string> Quindi rimosso il NetworkInterfaces.plist e riavviato.
  6. Check out the link to my build. I used a Thermaltake 850w modular PSU. What I did was pull it apart and cut the bottom of the Thermaltake PSU and kept it screwed to itself and then I hot glued that to the bottom of the G5's bare PSU. I used hot glue because if I needed to remove the Thermaltake PSU I can still pry it out and remove the glue from both metals with no residue. I also stored all of my extra cables in the spare space inside the G5's PSU housing and mounted the Thermaltake cooling fan on top of the whole unit with the modular panel next to it.
  7. eelhead

    [Risolto] App Store

    La vostra accoglienza! Sono felice ha funzionato per voi.
  8. eelhead

    G5 Case Mod v2 for SBS 2011 Standard

    Yeah that will look nice and clean with those up top. Also the air flow to keep all cool down below is going to be great. Only thing is how will you keep HDD's cool or they don't get so hot it's a worry?
  9. eelhead

    [Risolto] App Store

    Io parlo solo inglese sto usando Google Translate per aiutare. Spero che questo non è confusione. Questo è dopo l'aggiornamento a 10.6.8 Ok per il segno App Store per le questioni qui è una soluzione semplice. Prima andare a cartella Extra e controllare il com.apple.Boot.plist per assicurarsi che la stringa è in esso, <key> EthernetBuiltIn </ key> <string> Sì </ string> Se non è aggiungerlo riavviare e vedere se questo si risolve. Se è in là o se l'aggiunta non ha aiutato è necessario rimuovere alcuni altri articoli Vai a, Preferenze di sistema / rete Avrai voglia di evidenziare ognuno e rimuoverlo facendo clic - scheda nella parte inferiore della scatola. Poi vai a, Library / Preferences / configurazione del sistema ed eliminare o posto sul desktop NetworkInterfaces.plist Poi riavvio del sistema. Dopo aver riavviato si vuole tornare a Preferenze di Sistema / Network e aggiungere tutte le cose che sono state rimosse a partire da ethernet. Quello che avevo notato è che l'ethernet è stato etichettato en0 e la scheda Airport è stato en1 e dopo l'aggiornamento ha cambiato i numeri. E 'stato solo cambiato nel NetworkInterfaces.plist ma rimase lo stesso in ogni altre impostazioni, così è stato, darà cose conflitto durante il tentativo di accedere al App Store.
  10. eelhead

    Mac App-Store - Problem nach Update 7 auf 8

    Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich bin mit Goolge Übersetzer Dies ist nach dem Update auf 10.6.8 Ok für den App Store anmelden Fragen ist hier eine einfache Lösung. Zuerst, um die Extra-Ordner gehen und überprüfen Sie Ihre com.apple.Boot.plist um sicherzustellen, dass diese Zeichenfolge in ist es, <key> EthernetBuiltIn </ key> <string> Ja </ string> Wenn es nicht fügen Sie es neu starten und sehen, ob das behoben werden. Wenn es dort oder, wenn das Hinzufügen half es nicht, müssen Sie einige andere Elemente zu entfernen Gehen Sie zu, Systemeinstellungen / Netzwerk Sie wollen jeden ein Highlight und entfernen Sie sie durch Klicken auf die - Registerkarte am unteren Rand des Kastens. Dann gehen Sie zu, Library / Preferences / System Configuration und löschen oder am Desktop die NetworkInterfaces.plist Dann neu starten. Nach dem Neustart werden Sie wollen zurück zu den Systemeinstellungen / Netzwerk-und add all die Dinge, die Sie entfernt beginnend mit Ethernet. Was ich bemerkt hatte, dass die Ethernet wurde en0 beschriftet und Airport-Karte wurde en1 und nach dem Update der Zahlen kam eingeschaltet. Erst in der NetworkInterfaces.plist eingeschaltet, aber gleich geblieben in allen anderen Einstellungen so widersprüchliche Dinge war zu geben bei dem Versuch, in den App Store anmelden. Dank Lnx2mac
  11. Wasn't deleted Andy, placed on hold, like Regae said some items used that wasn't supposed to be redistributed and packaged as his own.
  12. eelhead

    G5 Case Mod v2 for SBS 2011 Standard

    I have one the UPS smashed. I got it through ebay and the seller had it insured, he filed, they paid him and he refunded me my money and let me keep the case. I have sense tore it all down and separated the case for repair. I was able to hand straighten the bottom legs with ease and by using my hands was able to not further damage anything. All of those little tabs that the screws go into that broke out can be glues back into place with light JB weld. No to much because you want to leave the area inside clear for the screw. Once those tabs have all dried and you are ready to put the case back together and you are not going to be pulling the case apart again, you can use some JB weld between the two sections of case along with screwing it back together for extra strength. Be advised as to not over tighten the screw because you might brake the bond you created for the screw insets. Once placed back together let dry again and then once it's dry go to town building what you want I give JB weld about 24 Hours to dry just for piece of mind. It does dry sooner but why chance it.
  13. Yeah I know the feeling! I have one room just full of G5's and parts, it's crazy lol
  14. Oh snap sorry zammy I didn't see your post The gap I was referring to was the height of the GPU to the PCI openings where you screw it in. When you use the lower G5 standoffs the mobo is a tad higher and anything placed in the PCI slots have that gap. So when screwing your PCI cards into the PCI openings at the rear you are unable to screw them down fully. Either you need a washer for the space or you need to just set screw just as it get tight. If you over tighten then you risk popping out the card from the slot and bending or breaking something
  15. Yeah a little jigsaw will work fine, that's what I used to cut the back out and my PSU mod. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=255820