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  1. Well after a couple more hours of pulling my hair out, thinking about the 'waiting for root device' error, it occurred to me to try the USB2 port instead of the USB3... Feel like such an idiot for not trying it sooner, after remaking 6 or so install usbs with various combinations, they probably would of all worked if I had tried it in a USB2 port. Ahwell, thanks for your help jamiethemorris, and hopefully this will save someone else from going through the same pain I did.
  2. Hi, No matter what I try this is all I keep getting... and in non-verbose my specs and methods are... Asus x79-Deluxe, 4930k, 64GB RAM, 2GB EVGA GTX 770, 250GB Samsung SSD. I prepped my USB like it says here http://www.skylineosx.com/yosemite-installation-guide/ as the createinstallmedia method caused clover todo nothing when I selected the install drive. I have loaded the latest FakeSMC into S/L/E which is http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/266-fakesmckext-yosemite-1010/ but I have also tried the one modified by RampageDev for Yosemite. Both in S/L/E and EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10, makes no difference. I am using EmuVariableUefi-64 and OsxAptioFixDrv-64 as without them I just get a reboot as soon as Clover loads the kernel. I am using npci=0x2000 darkwake=0 kext-dev-mode=1 -v but have also tried with -x and -s too. Cannot find anyone else who has had the same problem. Thanks for any help anyone can contribute FriedCPU
  3. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hi, I am trying to modify the bios on my ASUS ROG CG8565, it supposedly has a P8Z68-V-PRO, but the bios differs and is locked down, no overclock settings for my i7-2600k apart from the Turbo up to 4.2Ghz so if you know how to get another P8Z68-V-PRO to flash without failing signature verification, that would be awesome. But anyway, I am trying to modify the actual CG8565 bios 3508 with PMPatch for use with OS X 10.9. PMPatch produces the following results... C:\>PMPatch.exe P8Z68-V-PRO-ASUS-CG8565-3508.ROM P8Z68-CG8565-3508-PMPATCH.ROM PMPatch 0.5.12 PowerManagement module at 00422288 patched. AMI nest modules not found. Phoenix nest modules not found. CpuPei module at 0079FD88 not patched: Patch pattern not found. CpuPei module at 007DFD88 not patched: Patch pattern not found. Output file generated. all good, it flashes fine. but I still get a kernel panic (see attachment) after I remove NullCPUPowerManagement thanks for your time on such a great tool, can see it works for alot of people... hope I become one of them
  4. Bugs of 10.5

    Just discovered a "bug" in stacks, When new applications are added (in this case, adium) and you have your applications folder in stacks, The icon will show as a no icon thing until you logout or restart. See attachment.
  5. Bugs of 10.5

    Can't say I have experienced any of yours, apart from the front row / apple tv thing obviously. One thing I did find was when dragging things to the dock, if your not careful the icons will move to let you drop it, and then quickly shift back, making you drop it onto your desktop, its easily retrievable from between the icons without having to hide the dock, just a little querk(sp?). Also, on first launch of iTunes, after accepting the agreement, it freezes, force quiting etc.. doesn't stop it, a logout/restart is required, After that itunes appears to work fine, has anybody else experienced this? Also Safari seems very unstable, just random crashes, I couldn't see a pattern, But after just general browsing, googling, email checking for 20mins, It crashed 6 or so times.
  6. Links for the Weekend: October 7-8

    I thought iShare sounded good, thinking it might actually parse the webpages and display them in the widget, then just click a download link to grab the torrent, having it open up aload of tabs in your browser, isnt exactly a good way to implement it imo.
  7. Front row will play .avi (avi is a container) it is most likely you do not have the codec that the video/audio was encoded in, get the codecs for quicktime, then front row will play it, most likely you need divx, xvid and ac3, they are around if you google, and they're universal binary. then open the file in quicktime, if it plays fine in quicktime, it is 99.9% likely to play alright in front row.
  8. Software Piracy

    well really everything has already been said, I don't do it to be cheap, its just not having the cash. I support the little developers, even if its freeware, if they have got a donation button, i will most likely use it if i use there app enough. But there is no way I could afford to shell out $700 for a peace of software, $30 is my limit really.
  9. OS X Annoyances

    The guy that built the website is a good friend of mine, although I don't know the bloke behind flyakite. His other website designs are very good aswell, flyakite website took like 6 months to create from what he told me, great design.
  10. I realise this is an nvidia thread, But just wanted to say that I have used linux for the past 3 years and never had any problems with ati drivers on a number of cards. I know that the support for ati cards used to be pretty rubbish but people still assume that is the case, I dont think it is anymore, there appears to be just as much compatability with ati cards as with nvidia in linux now.
  11. [Random] 9999 Replies

    128 its ... a number .. :S
  12. Linux Distributions

    I have to say Ubuntu, i have used many distros and its the best for me, fast, simple for the n00bs, but good enough for experienced users, powerful package manager, never had any problems with it for my servers, i always use archlinux, fast, secure, simple.
  13. OS X Annoyances

    although I have got pretty used to it now, after using os x on and off for 3 years, every now and again it catches me out when navigating finder by keyboard... enter doesnt open, it renames!! what is with that? lol.
  14. [HowTo] Build a Hackintosh HTPC

    nice, i will deffinatly be keeping an eye on this thread
  15. I have a 17" macbook pro and use it on my lap for 4hrs+ at a time, i never feel it getting THAT hot, this is while playing ut2k4, listening to music, browsing, designing. I dont think you have anything to worry about, and the things you have read on the internet were probably about the early releases of the mbp's.