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  1. Suomenkielisiä OSx86 käyttäjiä?

    Katos perskuta, Suomipoikia! Itellä ollut osx86 asennettuna (Jas Os 10.4.8 olisko ollut) pöytäkoneessa pitkään. Mitään ongelmia ei ollut. Nyt tuli myytyä tuo pöytäkone pois ja ostettua läppäri. Tuollainen halvahko fujitsu-siemens. Noh, tähän asentaminen ei olekaan enää niin ruusuilla tanssimista. Hain ton uusimman kalywayn imagen mutta ei lähteny edes asennus käyntiin. Ei löydä kovoa, eikä paljoa muutakaan vissiin. Btw, luulin että JaS:a ei enää ole. Ei näkynyt noissa download listeissä. Tänään lähtee uusi yritys JaS:lla ja iAtkosilla. Onko kellään kokemusta OSX:Stä ja nforce 630m chipsetistä? Jos on niin kertokaapa mitä "distroa" käytitte ja miten toimi? Perhana kun sormet syyhyää ja tekis mieli päästä kotiin jo säätämään mutta vielä on pitkä työpäivä edessä ennen sitä.
  2. Hi, I used to have Jas Os Installed on my desktop computer, don't ask the version, I don't remember anymore. Now I have sold my Desktop Pc and I bought a Fujitsu-Siemens Laptop. The Specs are the following: AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-56 3 Gt DDR II 667 Mhz (2048Mt + 1 024 Mt), max 4 Gt 320 Gt Serial ATA nVidia® Geforce® 8400M G, 128 Mt muistia And the Chipset is Nforce 630M (I think that is the most important thing to know) I have read there has been problems with this chipset, am I right? My last battle to install osx86 to my old laptop was totally bad. That's why I ask before I act this time. I've already downloaded kalyway, but I've been wondering does it have good compatibly? or does leo4all have better for excample? Thank you in advance people! And if someone has experience with the same laptop please tell me!
  3. Okay i'm done! Works perfectly Jas 10.4.8 AMD Athlon 64bit 3200+ Nvidia Geforce 6600gt 1gb ddr2 Everything works but some keys on my keyboard are not working. any ideas why? But that's a little problem, doesn't bother too much Thankies!
  4. Okay, i sold my acer laptop, didn't have any use to it. So now i will try to install Os X to my main computer. Specs are: AMD Athlon 64bit 3200+ Nvidia Geforce 6600gt 1gb ddr2 i hope it will work. I'll try to dualboot with Xp Pro. let's get started ->
  5. Okay, i think my problem was that i didn't install GMA 900 drivers. now i installed and it boots nicely. I just have to do the wire trick to the monitor output i think. Still it's damn slow, i think it's because of my slaggy HW.
  6. Oh dear, i wasn't successfull at all at the end. Now it won't boot anymore. Well it was really SLOW at first time too, but at least worked somehow. But now it always stucks to the "waiting for IFC" thing. Cold it be that the hardware in my laptop is just too slow? even it is listed as compatible to os x x86 on wiki. because when it first time booted succesfully yeasterday it took like 5minutes to start safari.
  7. Success too! my laptop is acer travelmate 2423wxmi Celeron M 370 1,5gh 512ddr RAM Intel integrated graphics accelerator 900. I used JaS OS 10.4.8 Only bad thing here is it doesn't let me log in it asks name and password, even i put them right it says they are wrong.
  8. Okay, i just started the installation, i hope it will go well