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  1. i've also got a compal HEL81, how did you get your wireless to function? Is it onboard?
  2. wstd

    PC or Apple RAM?

    Hello, I'm new to OSX, I've currently got 10.5.7 running seemingly flawlessly on my Compal EL81. I'd like to upgrade the RAM, it's expandable to 2GB of DDR2/667. I'm thinking about buying some lower-latency GSkill RAM in a dual channel kit. The laptop specs require 200-pin SODIMMs, 1.8v. Now my question: RAM listed on Newegg as "Apple RAM" has the same pin-count and voltage rating, so how is it different? Will it work in a PC? If so, would it be the better decision in regards to running Leopard? Thanks for any help. Just in case, these are my system's specifications.