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  1. AppleHDA ALC280 - Combo Jack Support - 10.11.4 -

    can you review the my files - codec extract from Dell T3610 ALC280 - 2 front jacks > mic and headphone / 2 rear jacks > green line out , blue pink combo mic in or line in extracted codec thru linux , calculated verb commands and disabled nodes , worked out path maps for inputs and outputs . as far as i can tell my working out is good but would like another opinion. can you help with editing xml . going to test your attached file to see if any jacks show up.
  2. Just recently I've had a chance to test further with the T3610 since high sierra became available. Did you get anywhere with audio for the 5810 ? Last time I patched applehda the layout and platform paths seemed more straightforward ? Anyway , I used linux to extract codec from T3610 Codec named ALC3220 but vendor id is ALC280 . I need to do the same with the 5810 to compare nodes and inputs / outputs but I they should be the same for each model. Then worked out verb commands and disabled unused nodes. And then figured out path maps for inputs and outputs. I'll upload my files in case you want to try yourself The next part..... XML file patching. layout.xml - should be straightforward with codec output from linux. platforms.xml patching - this is where i'm stuck. i've compared sample platforms.xml against one from el capitan and there seems be be additional nodes within the strings , not sure if they are connector related , signal related or something else ? link below to an excellent guide i've used before but the sample files there are from an earlier OS X. I remember doing this some years back for a laptop that had an unsupported codec so I know the principle does work . Attaching my files here , will see if MaLd0n can offer any help also. link >http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1946-complete-applehda-patching-guide/ MaLd0n , Can you help with some guidance on editing platforms.xml with applehda to suit ALC280 ? final codec verb alc280.rtf codec_dump.txt PATH MAPS ALC280.rtf
  3. Making progress now...... after various combo's within clover and not reaching installer I took a chance..... Created usb installer using the method you linked above then copied your efi folder contents to the clover usb . Removed custom patches from clover except for iopci Now this along with more trial and error eventually got me to the installer screen. # I've been testing with an amd w7000 instead of the quadro so added flags > dart=0 / removed flags > -xcpm , nv_disable=1 also had to check haswell e cpu . After first pass of installer on reboot could not get to complete install. MacOS screen would only give the option to reinstall from online image - not ideal .Or a message saying macos is not compatible with this system. Tried various options and eventually did the following.... I reformatted the test drive using msdos / mbr settings to make sure it was completely erased . Repeated the step above then ... replaced the fakecpu.id kext with latest version from rehabman's repo , replaced tscsync with 8 core version , disabled all of pikeralpha's edits within clover , dropped ssdt from table , unchecked haswell E cpu . At last managed to finalise install and get to desktop. Amd w7000 has 4x display ports , so far the 2 I've tried are displaying correctly . Will custom edit to have all 4 working ( did this previously - might even have a copy of the file I used ) Without injecting Ati card resolution is correct with card identified as 7xxx , injecting ATI card displays 7600 series , boot is smoother too . Items to do... Custom ssdt , usb 3 , audio .Also need to test sleep / wake. Amd cards seem to have issues in sierra , darkwake flag may be needed. My cpu is e5 2630L 8 core es .Been a while since I worked on cpu pm .Need to read up a little. I've got audio working on a machine previously with help from rehabman so confident I can do something with that, Wouldn't have got this far without your help so thanks for that . I am trying to keep track of my work so i'll detail a little clearer when i can sort the last few things.
  4. Stayed away from USB 3.0 ports when testing.Did make it to grey screen once on one of the early efforts with the 5810 but was unresponsive .Last attempt on the t3610 apple progress bar gets to about 3/4 way then restricted sign comes up.Any time I tried with -x flag process bar would fail to begin.From your earlier posts seems to be a clover issue.Will be a couple of days before I can try again.Will keep you updated , hopefully better news next time.
  5. A quick update ..... so far I've not been able to reach installer on either machine . Started from scratch and created usb installer using linked method , trial and error with clover 4097 settings and kexts have yet to get to installer. Worked from your settings for the 5810 but my cpu e5 2620v3 and graphics are obviously causing issues. Need to test further ,must be something simple but so far have not come up with the right mix. i'm on latest dell bios , not sure if that has changed anything. Will try with minimal kexts and see if I can work it out. Testing on t3610 with e5 1620v2 has been no better, think usb ports may be the issue here . again further testing needed.
  6. Appreciate you taking the time to reply. Just going to print this off and will let you know how I get on over the next couple of days. Managed to pick up an amd donor card if the quadro is still giving issues. At least until I can install web drives. 6.1 worked for me too on 10.10 and 5.1 but with some issues if I remember. Will update here as things progress. Thanks.
  7. Great thread from you both , can i get a look at the clover options that you had the most success with. Been trying to install sierra with clover uefi to a dell 5810 and t3610 . had the t3610 on Yosemite some time ago but skipped el capitan due to the usb changes. boot flags dart=0 , ncpi=0x2000 , latest dell bios in each . quadro k4000 graphics with e5 1620v2 for the t3610 , e5 2630 v3 for the 5810 to be fair have been trying more with the t3610 but only because 10.10 was up an running. Back then graphics was amd w7000 which I edited to work great. Think the clover kexts / setting I used need tweaking . can get to about 3/4 way on the apple progress bar then panic.
  8. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hi , any chance someone verify if this is applicable to dell precision t3610 bios? I've used pmpatch previously with great results on older boards. Not exactly sure of the process with the new tool. Bios attached, T3610A10.exe
  9. MSI Z77MA-G45 Worklog/Help Request

    Hi, have an MSI Z77MA-G45 on order. Just checked msi website, latest bios version is 1.9 Can anyone confirm best of method of install for full functionality? Will be using with i5 2500k cpu for the moment and ati graphics so not bothered about intel hd graphics. I'd prefer a dsdt free install myself but would be very interested to hear your experiences with this board. Have previously used gigabyte boards with chimera / chameleon but again any opinions welcome.Thanks.
  10. Hi, my acer 7741g , ati 5470 512mb , core i3 350m , 1600x900 native screen res. Mountain Lion not reading edid . Have modified connectors and with ge=yes have full accereraltion thru vga and hdmi but black screen on lvds Tried everything,force edid, dsdt edits, connector edits, bootloaders but never got anywhere. Have edid extracted with aida 64 windows 7 , have to assume it's correct. Is there anything in clover that could help?
  11. Video driver help on Acer 7741g

    Have made some progress with Acer 7741g , will forward some details.
  12. I have acer aspire 7741g ... 1600x900 screen , core i3 350m , ati 5470m 512mb card Have everything working except lvds , mountain lion 10.8 full acceleration with vga and hdmi both working .( modified personality and ge=yes ) ( with ge=yes ... only black screen when hdmi or vga connected ) ( with ge=yes ... only black screen when no external source connected ) (with ge=no screen works ok but no acceleration and only basic resolution.) Can someone explain how to get lvds working ?
  13. Trucker , really appreciate you taking the time to help, particularly in putting that last post together. Just have to get to grips with it now. I had assumed that my modified lvds connector was correct and that the black screen was because of edid, but i'll look at that again now first. I'm not familiar with some of the dsdt edits you have but i'll work my way thru your's and see how I get on. Not sure about these ATY edits. Can I just copy these from yours or do i need to edit to suit my dsdt? "ATY,PlatformInfo" "ATY,MemRevisionID" "AAPL,EMC-Display-List" "ATY,MemRevisionID" "ATY,bin_image" .....YOU GAVE ME ALREADY Thanks again.Will get to work on this now.