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  1. Can we expect an EA Origin for linux, or perhaps we are moving into the platform independant ecosystem of the cloud?


    My question is this, Have milestone events like the realisation of Steam and Android plus the publicity stunt that was the Ubuntu Edge, changed or raised the awareness of Unix so that more companies will show in interest in developing for Unix, I dont care if they dont make the software just concider and consult with the public, or will cloud based web apps and software arive before that (either way hell will freze and I get to dump windows 7 for good).


    What are your predictions for 2014 "the year of the linux desktop"... (this year fingers crossed) :lol:


  2. I just had to log back in (been a while) to say that I love Gnome-shell 3.10 and all the new core apps ^_^, I prefer to use a few extentions to make it more usefull such as and I recomend dash to dock, because I would rather have a dock that sits on my desktop and only needs one click to get to it.


    ps. for docky and plank fans.

    I have worked out a way to make the dash launch from docky / plank and this seems to be a lot like launch pad, it uses the super key bound to a .desktop file. I dont use this method anymore as I am used to Gnome Shell 3.10, but it might make OsX fans a bit happier.

  3. Actually there is a 3rd option that i have become quite good at. its non permanent and looks effective. vinyl wrap like the laptops i did in this section, one in white and one in wood grain. I am alot better at it these days and could probably do quite i nice job on it, theres a really nice matte black i have in at the moment. And its really cheap. I agree that re-anodising it would be best or powder coating. rattle can spray jobs are tricky and never quite as good, I do have a spray gun that might be neat with some car paint. lots of options really. i prefer the stealth look its more like the iphone 5.


    That image is a really nice render, i wonder what it was done with. i want a vray engine again. i used to have 3ds max but my student trial ran out :(. its for the best, it doesnt work on osx.

  4. sketchup is great isnt it! could i have a copy of your g5 model? was your milling machine btw, was it CNC? sorry so many questions its nice to see somebody with similar ambitions and skills.


    You use sketch up and illustrator so you must be a designer. Could i point out that perhaps the window that will be cut on the side of the case doesn't really fit the proportions of the case, might I propose a round window, like the lion login portrait. sand blasted apple and back light :). sorry i know its none of my business.


    I will shut up now, i cant help it when i get excited about a project.

  5. Booted to black screen after adding those kexts and hoolock personality, however I'm fairly sure it booted because I could turn it off from the io button. Hmmm.


    Going to try and get EDID sorted before adding the kexts, it wont work until i add the kexts and that should stop the black screen.


    The EDID tools suggested in the guide cant be download broken links. :(


    I found another tool that looks like it did the job, i will upload the dump. can someone point out if its ok to use?


  6. Yes that did the trick thanks pookymac that has saved me from getting into trouble with the other half. I have booted it since and its fine. EDID is the next step. I have found out what it is via weki and now agree that its the next step. so is this a kext edit or a DSDT edit? I have looked at a DSDT and now realise that it contains all the information about my device and how the Smbios is interacting with it? so I must have the wrong EDID data and should now fix it, by perhaps looking up the correct EDID data in linux?

  7. I do Step by Step


    and seems working well but in last step (boot from USB)

    laptop frezzed on DSMOS has arived (pic attached)


    My laptop spec:

    Acer 5750G

    core i3 2350M (sandy brig)

    4G Kingston RAM 1333

    NVDIA 610M (in Bios I changeedd Switchable to Integrated)

    Intel 3000HD is second VGA (active VGA)


    Please help me/



    I think i can help, the only difference between my laptop and yours is that mine has not got the extra graphics from nvidia. yo need to add this to the root of your installer. go here this will supply you with an extra that will work with your created installer, on the last page.


  8. Resaults are as follows.


    Vervet X Disco mode

    Douc X Disco mode

    Langur X Disco mode

    Uakari X possible work around maybe?

    Zonalis X Disco mode

    Alouatta X Disco mode

    Hoolock X Disco mode

    Baboon X best looking glitchy 8 screens on one, clearly readable, but still screwed.

    Eulemur X possible work around maybe?

    Galago X Disco mode

    Colobus X Disco mode

    Mangabey X Disco mode

    Nomascus Boot Hang

    Orangutan X Disco Boot



    Baboon looks like the best one, i just need to stop it making 8 duplicates of the same screen, perhaps its the resolution. The good news is i saw in system profiler that the graphics card was detected in the installer. however the menu bar was opaque white. so what does that mean? Also its important to note that none of these used the kexts listed previously, because a member said that it was not required. i will try with the kexts next.


    Ok kexts did nothing, so its safe to assume that the kexts already worked. Changing resolution also did nothing. Im stumped.


    Any Ideas anyone?

  9. Great well thats what i thought, my vm works but not my graphics card, go figure.


    Your so lucky, i can't have switchable graphics and i don't really want to play around with my bios because last time a patched one (granted it did work) but it was very very scary. I will try Shrike next.


    Thanks man, i forgot why i might need a device ID did i intend to add it into a kext? is that whats normally done? i have forgotten.

  10. My hack is for example a mindless yet brilliant auto tool that will help you do a lot of things without thinking, but when it doesn't work, you could just try another tool. but you shouldn't, I studied the documentation then ditched the tool and now compile os X installers by hand, I previously couldn't imagine compiling an OS X installer myself, but what we must remember is that if they can make a tool that does it why can't i do it by hand.


    Another great example would be tools that cost money yet they do what a command line does, go figure, if your like me and always make syntax errors then i goes you might want to consider it, but where do you learn from that?


    Lets summarise with the greatest example of something that is dumbed down, OS X is the ultimate example, its so distant from its unix roots that i doubt many people know that it is related to linux or even what linux is in mainstream culture, This is simply because apple do the i will do this for you thing so well, its a blessing and a curse. i think I'm trying to say that if you want to know OS X you must learn Linux then expect to add weird commercial restrictions and a splash of mindlessness and beauty and there you have it.


    Yes i am a fan of auto tools, OS X and other things that stop me thinking to hard. who knows maybe one day i will farther some vegetable children.

  11. Acro here,


    Hello my friends i am busy working on another build, one just isn't enough :P. This time its my Dell inspiron 2310 (iMac clone) well thats the plan. There are several things i am struggling to decide what to assign for this build. Smbios is a headache, is it a laptop? mac mini maybe or mac pro. i don't know and i would love some advice on that too, but my main issue for today is that i am trying to get my Framebuffer personalities correct, currently its got multiple personalities *he shrugs* Eulemur seems to boot into lion installer with both iMac11,3 and mac pro 3.1, great! Apart from the multiple part i made a bad joke about before, the screen displays 8 duplicates of the same screen. mouse works and i could install it in very glitchy looking crazy mode, but its better then Hoolock which gave me disco flash lots of colours mode. :D


    What i would like to know is how to not do this blindfolded, I have linux and a brain i can work out the correct frame buffer or patched or indeed how to make one (but the latter is pushing my skills way over what I'm comfortable with) But i can only work it out with your help.


    On my linux host i have a 10.6.7 Virtual machine on the dell so that may be helpful to get my device ID and Vendor? or does a virtual machine do something special?


    So yeah any thoughts so far?



    I know its just a picture but it helps me think.

  12. Inspiron-One-2310.jpg


    (This build is not a notebook contrary to listing but rather an iMac clone. (If This iMac style pc is effecting the results, that is what i am trying to find out, built in screen yet pcie graphics card.) Do you know anyone with an all in one on osx?


    Hey all, im going to try this again (i have been trying this build for 2 years), I have a very nice working lion usb installer that i am modifying to boot. Finding the correct framebuffer is a nightmare so thats what I'm trying to sort out because its causeing booting into a blank screen fans spin up but nothing happens, even power button doesn't work so i have to turn it off at the wall.


    The main thing thats stopping me is the boot into the installer so i made a dedicated thread for this:



    Here is the general guide for this card, hoolock doesn't work it just gives me disco colours.


  13. just want to clarify, These steps where already complete before i posted this topic.



    1. Restore BaseSystem.dmg to HFS partition. √

    2. Copy InstallESD.dmg/mach_kernel to (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg/mach_kernel √

    3. Remove (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg/System/Installation/Packages √

    4. Copy InstallESD.dmg/Packages to (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg/System/Installation/Packages √


    Steps you have recomended.



    5. OSInstall.mpkg replace to

    /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg √


    6. OSInstall replace to

    /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/OSInstall X


    Wtf? OSInstall replace, I can't replace a file with another file of a different name without a name change. if i had OSInstall and Install in the same folder there would be literally no result. one must go for the other to work, especially as there are links to this file a few folders up. if i follow the instructions it breaks my install as described before in opening post. I appreciate that your trying to help but your suggesting what i have tried several times.


    6. Boot to (HFS partition) BaseSystem.dmg to install Mac OS X.


    Hold on a sec i think i know the problem


    I was over thinking it, i followed the wrong path and went down an almost identical path.


    read re read and trust what others tell you. thanks HUSABER for putting the facts in front of me ha ha.

  14. Thank you HAUSBER yes this is the manual way of patching it, Just like an auto tool such as my hack would, it appears that my install framework in /version A is called simply "installer", the patch provided for my version is called OSinstaller from the links to .zips provided. I suppose i could rename the patch to installer? but I'm worried it will break the patch or indeed the path, thus causing the installer to fail, on the other hand, if my hack replaced my "installer" with Osinstaller then the previous worry could be the cause of my problem. what an odd bug.


    It seems that I should real do an MBR install because as yet windows on Guid isn't really supported by the community (although it should) sinse its becoming easy to install osx and linux, if windows can run on GUID and it does in some cases why is there not a section on this in the forums?

  15. Acro here :)


    Proposed solution and inspiration to others

    I wouldn't normally ask this, but Windows Guid does seem to be a better option to me, rather then lion on MBR. I am not entirely sure if my motherboard for the Acer listed bellow would boot a Windows Guid partition. (Efi supported? hm65, I dont know alot about that so i dont know where to research).


    The problem

    The main reason i am posting this is beause every time i use an automated tool to make a lion installer it breaks my installation, (boots but doesnt install) but if i compile the installer myself by hand and do not add the mbr patch Osinstall thing, <you know the one, my installer does install. Therefore no Lion installer Mbr + no Duelboot :( very sad.


    Thanks all for any thoughts on the matter