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  1. Neither of my HDD's showed up in that Disk Utility thing, was trying to say that but forgot some sentenses -.- Now I've used this program called VMware Workstation, followed every step. Found my HDD's in the disk utility, erased it in the Mac Journaled format as it says in the guide, the install started, and finally finished. Rebooted, and then my comp said that the partition were.. {censored}ed in some way. Can not get it to work, so damn frustrating. Cannot belive that im not able to make this work, disapointed with myself :mellow:
  2. I will try to use VMware and install OS X, I'll report my progress and hopefully you will have another happy OS X user to the counter
  3. Hey, im new to this but it didnt seem too complicated. I've followed every step before Part 2: Installing OSX x86. The install thing runs like it's supposed to, but when I get to the step where you choose where you want to install it, there's just an empty list. All I can see is the DVD thats in my DVD... There must be something I do wrong at the partition creation, but I cant figure out the problem. Saw that another guy had this problem, but I couldnt find an answer after his post. God I hope this thing will work, OSX is sweet trying to install it on: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (SSE2 and SSE3 supported) 1024mb DDR RAM Win XP Home Edition SP2 NVIDIA GeForce 7950GT 512mb 149gb SATA HDD (Couldnt find the name, think its a seagate) Using this ISO: Mac-OS-x-10.4.7-AMD.Intel(JaS)-ISO-Repack