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  1. Hi Mald0n, tested dsdt but machine freeze after while in verbose mode with Prohibition Icon.
  2. Hi MaLd0n, do you help me for dsdt for my 775 PC. Greetings! Send me Zhivodars-iMac.zip
  3. Zhivodar Ivanov

    Inspiron 1545 , is possible to Hackintosh ?

    Hi, i have same laptop but with discrete video ati4330 and upgraded to P8700 core 2 duo, hackintosh is posible but stop on rtc single ram bank error with el capo and sierra, litle help :)?! Regards!
  4. Zhivodar Ivanov

    Post installation EL Capitan Help!ASUS P5K-SE

    Hi frends, how to make the installer to see my hdd, trying to install el capitan on same motherboard?Regards!
  5. OK friend, thank you so much for your help and DSDT! GREETINGS!
  6. HI MaLd0n, test without lan kext and same result, no sleep from Energy saver settings, from apple menu hack sleep and wake from power button but with black screen and high level gpu fan, no normalize fan and no wake for work. May be gpu problem or ssdt I not have ssdt.aml file. No a big problem but just computer work non stop and consume more power for nothing and no sleep automatically. Greetings!
  7. This is information from PCI in system report if you need it to look, I send you 2 same pictures with memory prewiusly. Sorry
  8. With this dsdt system puts sleep monitor but no go to sleep computer, now no fans restarts repeatedly , and I test forced sleep from apple menu and computer go to sleep but when I wake from a button computer then restart fan gpu,that is normal for a seconds when I wake from a windows but here no low fan speed gpu and boot system, just no wake with high fan gpu. I restart hack and work great just no sleep! I hope to understand my explanation, sorry for my English! Greetings!
  9. I forgot to tell you for sleep. Hack is puts monitor to sleep and after seconds right before turn off just restart fans as if restarts and no sleep computer, this is repeatly while I click button from mause or keyboard and hack puts monitor turn on and continue normal work. Verry strange, does not crash I go to probe, later report
  10. Hi friend, yes I know that just send you for a look thanks for your help.Here a new dump. Greetings! Send me Zhivodars-iMac.zip
  11. MaLd0n thanks for your help with dsdt. Works great,information for PCI devices in System Report its show now. RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes) error disappear ram is still at 0Mhz, no problem I thing, clover ignore this value I look in boot.log and hack it is stable always but still no sleep and in MaciASL still same warnings with DSDT or without. look a pictures. Regards!
  12. Hi MaLd0n and regards for your work!!! Do you look my files, my hack is very stable and is it at the main system but I never use dsdt for my system and have little problems with him . Hack never detect memory speed, is at 0Mhz with clover in about this Mac and system report, in verbose mode I see RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes) error but no stuck and boot normally, and last thing is that system never go to sleep.At the moment hack is installed with 10.12.6. My High Sierra disk die last month,this is my new hard disk and I had at hand sierra backup usb installer,soon I will buy ssd and then install H\Sierra but previously is the same problems . That is it! Thanks and Regards! Sorry for my English!!! Send me Zhivodars-Mac-mini.zip