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  1. Hi MaLd0n and regards for your work!!! Do you look my files, my hack is very stable and is it at the main system but I never use dsdt for my system and have little problems with him . Hack never detect memory speed, is at 0Mhz with clover in about this Mac and system report, in verbose mode I see RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes) error but no stuck and boot normally, and last thing is that system never go to sleep.At the moment hack is installed with 10.12.6. My High Sierra disk die last month,this is my new hard disk and I had at hand sierra backup usb installer,soon I will buy ssd and then install H\Sierra but previously is the same problems . That is it! Thanks and Regards! Sorry for my English!!! Send me Zhivodars-Mac-mini.zip
  2. Realtek ALC 887 VD macOS Sierra 10.12.1

    For VD2?
  3. El Capitan: Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Hi help with this: File: audio_cloverALC-110.command_v1.0r10 Release Mode Password: EFI partition not mounted El Capitan HD/EFI folder found Confirm Clover Legacy Install (y/n): y System Integrity Protection status: disabled. OK to patch cp: /Volumes/El Capitan HD/EFI/CLOVER/config-backup.plist: Permission denied Error: no IOReg/HDEF; BIOS/audio/disabled or ACPI problem No system files were changed To save a Copy of this Terminal session: Terminal/Shell/Export Text As ... logout Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...completed. [Process completed]
  4. For me from Lion i stop to use this kext restart,shoot down work always but then discovered voodootscamd and pached10.7applertc kexts and add for me always may be this kexts help , i don't now but no problems with that from then. Sorry for my english. Regards!
  5. Hi ipukraine my system no problems with restart or shoot down,have you problems with that? I'm with kernel rc1.
  6. Installation success on my test partition, prepared the installer 10.11.2 with Clover OS X El Capitan USB V.7, i have problem with clover to configure yet and put Extra folder in installer, put my kexts for my config. in Extra/Extensions. applenforceata,nullcpupower,realtek8139,voodootscsyncamd and pached_10.7_applertc.kext for cmos reset, add kext.plist, my boot.plist is from my Yosemite also add csr lines. Add Kernels folder in System/Library and put kernel rc1. Boot with my Yosemite-Enoch 2795 and install on my Test partition. No problems with all USB ports, Safari works and finally iCloud works . Add manually my kexts in S/L/E and kernel in Kernels and remove applertc. I always remove this kext for me , repair permissions end caches with terminal,restart my pc and boot without -f and El capitan work well for now!!! Thanks for all here Now will test other apps and will post for problems. Best Regards! Sorry for my English
  7. Hi frends, thanks to all for hard work! Now install El capi on my test partition end write result later !!! Kernel is kernel rc1. Boot with enoch 2795.
  8. iCloud for AMD hackintoshes: a workaround.

  9. Hi gils83 my motherboard is for amd may be upgrade with phenom someday,this is maximum upgrade for my motherboard. PC is old yes but for this moment work perfectly I will test tomorrow new kernel for my problem. However later this year i will solved generally my problems with new Mac Mini later 2014! Best Regards! ?
  10. Update work for me with this method, but clean my mac and istat menus not work!? Later will test new kernel but run clean or any modifications? Sorry for my english!
  11. AMD Kernel Yosemite 10.10.2 [SSEPlus]

    I run clean kernel and work perfectly on my system with 10.10.4! Regards!