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  1. I've got the same as Memphis2K with my P5B Deluxe: My internal Sata-drives have got orange icons. I would appreciate a solution too.
  2. Hi, I've got the same problem, but only with audio. I'm also looking for a solution. Does anybody know how to fix that?
  3. Well I replaced the ATI X650 Card with a ASUS EN7600GT Silent. Now everythng works fine. I installed Final Cut Studio 5.1 with Pacifist, replaced the ProKit.framework. It works great! Thanks to all! http://forum.insanelymac.com/style_emotico...umbsup_anim.gif
  4. I startet in single user mode, the system works well, no freezing. I think I found the reason in the system.log. There is a message about ATIRadeon: ** ASIC Hang Log End ** ATIRadeon::wait_for_rb_space: Overflowed block waiting for FIFO space. Have 4294967294, need 5. RBBM_STATUS 0xb8036100 The Hang Log starts again and again until I restart. Is this a driver related issue? Can anybody explain. What can I do next? Thanks
  5. Hallo, this is my first post. It is really amazing how much Information we can find here. Thanks to all who share the wisdom to anybody. Here are the specs my PC: Mobo:775Dual-915 GL (onboard GMA900, AC'97, RTL8139Ethernet) Bios up to date Pentium 4 (506) 2.66 Ram: 2 x 1 GB HD: 2 Sata drives ; on first drive XP, on the second MacOSX Samsung DVD-Rom SD-604 HIS Radeon X650 (Systemprofiler shows X600 After many days of reading the posts, I got to the point where I can't get further. I managed with VMware Server and DaemonTools to load a JaS 10.4.8 Intel/AMD/.Combo/SS2/SS3/v1p.ppf and Defiant diskutil patch. It loads perfectly even with the Radeon X650 VGA port (DVI doesnt' run). Even Ethernet and Sound, everything is fine. But after a while of working (this could be a few seconds to several minutes) the cursor shows the spinning wheel, the windows won't move, then I've got to restart. When I look at the crashreporter, there isn't any. The system get stuck somewhere. I have noticed once it felt to a blue screen when crashing, and once to a black screen. When I don't touch the mouse it will run without problems. I can even view a DVD. It works great. May the hangup be related to the Ethernet? I reinstalled several times, even I zerod the disk. The packages that I installed: Intel, SS3, GMA900, Natit. Newly I tried to install the new PCgenRTL8139Ethernet. But It won't get better. Has anybody the same troubles? Can anybody help me out? Thanks