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    Crappy Battery Life on Laptops

    Maybe your laptop doesn't have accelerated video and the CPU is handling all the video. That requires a lot of CPU, which translates to power consumtion. There's no way to turn on the acceleration without propers drivers, the only OSx86 video driver that works is the Intel 915G.
  2. My ASUS 802.11g minipci (based on broadcom 4306) is being detected as a "Built-in Ethernet"... is this normal? If not, what's supposed to be detected as? Any ideas? dmesg | grep Airport Airport: failed to determine ram-size Airport: allocated 64 clusters AirportPCI: Ethernet address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Update: The card is an ASUS WL-120G, with a chipset BCM4306KFB. Status: Not working, detected as a "Built-in Ethernet".