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  1. p5w dh slow usb speeds

    I can confirm that this works. It fixed the slow USB-speed on my P5W DH Deluxe on Snow Leopard 10.6.2
  2. I found the solution to my problem HERE!
  3. Hi everyone! I have been running SL 10.6.0 since it came out, but when Aperture 3 got released, I just had to go over to 10.6.2, and it hasn't been as easy as I thought, but now everything is working except sound (and wireless, which I don't care about) My installation looks like this: Hardware: Asus P5W DH Deluxe w/ Core 2 Duo E6600 and 6GB RAM Geforce 8800GT 512MB (G92) and a bunch of drives for storage on my main drive I have 2 partitions Boot Snow Leopard On Boot I have installed Chameleon 2 RC4, and some extensions: On Snow Leopard I have installed Snow Leopard Retail and downloaded 10.6.2 ComboUpdate and installed Now Snow Leopard fully works w/o graphics Here is where the trouble began, and after dragging my hair off I have figured out that OSvKernDSPLib.kext makes my screen black when enabling graphics in Boot.plist <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>yes</string> when removing OSvKernDSPLib.kext I can run 10.6.2 fully hardware accelerated -- BUT - the sound stops working since it's needed to load VoodooHDA.kext anyone have any idea how to get both 8800GT working AND sound? Thanks for any help! It seems as it is so close now!
  4. p5w dh deluxe

    I also got the Asus P5W DH Deluxe I'm getting Snow Leopard now as I speak, and are reading up on how to get it running. I run Leopard (10.5.6) today, which I installed from another OSX-installation by installing 1) Chameleon to a new formatted drive 2) Installing Leopard to the new drive 3) Replacing som kexts on the new drive 4) Reboot and start from the new drive ^^ Does this method work for snow leopard?
  5. Help on iPC 10.5.6 on P5W DH Deluxe

    I am about to go from Kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.6 on my P5W DH Deluxe is iPC 10.5.6 PPF4 Final the one to go for? Where do I start? It seems as a lot has happened since I installed 10.5.2 Have you gotten it working splintah?
  6. Hi I have been running Kalyway 10.5.2 since it's release and I have been very happy with it! But iWork 09 has come out, and in the end of this month, iLife 09 comes out too, and they require 10.5.6 -- time to update in other words This is my setup: Motherboard: Asus P5W DH Deluxe Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E660 (@2.8Ghz) Graphics: nVidia Geforce 8800GT (G92, 512MB) 6 GB of RAM (2x1GB + 2x2GB) @ 800 MHz and a couple of hard drives My road to 10.5.6 First, I'm in need of windows for gaming, so I'll partition my main drive in 2. First partition for XP, second for Leopard. After installing XP on the first partition, I start on Leopard -- Installation of Kalyway 10.5.2 -- This one is pretty straight forward, I let the computer boot up with the kalyway disc, start Disk Utility and format the second partition to HFS+ (Journaled) I then install Leopard to that partition with vanilla kernel I do not care about audio or video drivers in this step, but I do care about networking, so I install all the network drivers (altough I really only need one) after installation, the system reboots and takes you to account setup and network setup and so forth - after that you are on the desktop One nice feature you get when you install windows first and leopard after, is that you get OS X boot menu at boot, which makes it easy to choose operating system. -- Installation of Kalyway_10.5.3_ComboUpdate -- Start with Kalyway_UpdCombo10.5.3.pkg When it's finished, do not reboot - install kalyway_10.5.3_kernel.pkg reboot. At boot menu, enter "update -v" and press enter, after a while, you will be at the desktop with Leopard 10.5.3 installed ============================ Okay, this is as far as I have gotten today, I tried to go up to 10.5.5 with apples unmodified MacOSXUpdCombo10.5.5.dmg, by following this guide: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=87078 but no luck, the system didn't load after that. Anyone with Asus P5W DH Deluxe who would like to help?
  7. DORKY question about PS2 keyboard

    what kext's are needed?
  8. Hi, I've installed kalyway 10.5.1 vanilla, and as soon as the apple logo is displayed at boot, my ps/2 keyboard dies. It's a wonderful keytronic ergoforce and I really love it, so it would be nice if it worked in Leopard. Now I run kalyway 10.5.2 with 10.5.2 vanilla kernel. My system configuration is the following: Asus P5W DH Deluxe <-- (what really matters, I think) c2d E6600, 2 GB RAM 8800GT G92 I would guess it's either ApplePS2Controller.kext or AppleACPIPlatform.kext that isn't working right with my motherboard. My PS/2 keyboard worked fine when I ran 10.5.0 T.O.H Does anybody know how to solve this? I would be so happy if I solved it as it's the only (and also quite important) thing not working on my system I use a bluetooth-keyboard right now to use my system, but it's a crappy and uncomfortable keyboard Thank you all on beforehand!
  9. why should I upgrade to 10.5.2?

    One reason could be to run applications requiring 10.5.2, such as Aperture 2.0 if you are a photographer if you are happy with what you got, then wait
  10. Hi I just got Leopard working here and I'm trying out the new features of Leopard, one feature I looked forward to was the new voice, Alex, which is supposed to sound more real than earlier text-to-speech voices have done. But I can't find the new voice! My method of installing Leopard was the following: 1) Install 10.4.10 mac.nub release 2) Upgrade to ToH 10.5 RC2 Is there a way to get Alex installed? I have the original Mac OS X 10.5 DVD too For you who haven't seen Alex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAXjqV2oU_Q "Alex — A New Voice Give yourself a new voice. Meet Alex, an English male voice that uses advanced, patented Apple technologies to deliver natural breathing and intonation, even at fast speaking rates." http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/300.h...universalaccess Edit: This was easily solved! I used Pacifist to browse the original Leopard DVD, and I installed the package "Contents of AdditionalSpeechVoices.pkg"
  11. 8800GT

    I know, it's horrible, but I really hope this is a temporary problem, and that the 8800GT will get full support in OS X. I'm gonna try to see if this works, if it does, it almost would be solved, except all the DVI switching between the cards
  12. 8800GT

    is there a way to get higher resolution than 1024x768 without graphics drivers? I can live without core image / quartz extreme for a while 8800GT seems like a good card to replace the X1900XT on a Mac Pro, let's hope they do so in the next revision of it. Is it possible to get Mac OS X to use the second graphics card? (I have 2 PCIe slots), if I mount my X1900XT in the other one, can I get Mac OS X to use that instead?
  13. 8800GT

    I also have the new 8800gt card, bought it as soon as it came out in late october. thought the mac.nub package would work but no Do you think we will see support for this card in Leopard later on?
  14. nVidia is releasing new 8800GT and 8800GTS-cards this month and in november, does anybody know if these drivers will work for those cards too? That would be awesome, if they do I will buy the new 8800GTS when it's released!
  15. I want to confirm that X1950XT Installer 0.3.pkg works beautifully with my X1900XT here too. I cannot test dual DVI though as I only have one display, but DVI works like a charm. Jccool, do you realize what wonders you are doing to us?