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  1. Hi all, this is my first post in the forum.


    I've just received all the hardware for my first hackintosh. But now I need time (which I don't really have... :) ) to put all the stuff together and install Snow Leopard. I will first install iPc Leopard 10.5.6 final version to have a ground from whrere I'll try to install a retail Snow Leopad I just bought. I have been reading a lot of tutorials and I should be "theorically" ready to face the unknown... :|


    I'll probably make the first installations attempt on friday 11th or on saturday 12th and as soon as I have some results I'll post them in this topic.


    Looking forward to this as I'm also planning to get a p55 board with an i5/i7.

  2. Hi Boundone,


    Sorry for a late reply, today I just did a fresh install of SL using my guide (renew ;)) .. all with the same file except I added AppleLPC.kext (with Abit IP35-Pro LPC DEV ID's inserted : <string>pci8086,2916</string>) place it in Extra ... all went smooth ... then I go to System Preferences > Energy Saver > put the Display and Computer to sleep in 1 minute (the lowest possible) ... wait one minute ... and my screen went black(sleep) ... go check the CPU (under the desk) open the case side panel .. the fan case & HSF still spinning (the computer didn't sleep ;)) ... I move the mouse and the display signal showed up(normal) ... So only the display does sleep(and wakes) but the computer doesn't .




    Same behaviour as I have... automatic sleep doesn't work and normal sleep only works with faking ICH10R usb but wake from sleep never works (and also never worked in leopard).

  3. ;) Something must be completely wrong with my system... Everything was perfect in Leopard...

    I don't know if OSX86Tools work properly in SL or not - but I have nothing more then errors...


    Maybe there was something wrong with the distro I used for installation?



    Theres nothing wrong with that... did you install it via OSInstall.mpkg? Did you deselect all printer drivers etc. so that there's no error at the end of the installation? If you had an error try to reinstall the BSD.pkg (same directory as osinstall.mpkg).

  4. Did the OpenGLExtensionsviewer test with my 9600GT in 1920x1200 4xAA / 16xAF ... Scores are better in Leopard (GL 1.1 to 2.0 ~700fps in 10.5.8, ~600fps in SL, GL 2.1 is the same) but not much so the performance is ok. The slow spaces seems to be a problem with beamsync as I have only 10fps with beamsync, in leopard it's 50-60fps... without beamsync >100.

  5. Superb tutorial, Ricola. Everything installed without a hitch. However, I've got two questions for you. First, how stable is this? I've heard that 10.6 is un-stabled when teamed up with Chameleon 2.0 I figure you're running this exclusively so have you ran into any kernel panics? and Second, my hard drives aren't showing up on the desktop. Is this a new "feature" of Snow Leopard or is this something I need to fix. My SATA drives are set as ACHI so they're being detected, they just aren't showing up on the desktop only in finder.


    Thanks again for this great tutorial!


    I've installed it now with booting the image and got only one kernel panic at the first boot with 64-bit (had to boot with -x32)... now 64-bit seems stable. Only the OpenGL performance is bad with my 9600GT compared to Leopard and spaces is sluggish. To get your harddrive showing up on the desktop you have to enable it in finder -> settings.

  6. I tried to install it by booting the image because of the error and messed up language if you install it from another OS but I always get kernel panics during the install (even with -x32).

    But anyway I had some other issues with the install from the OS... 64-bit is working but I have the feeling it's not completly stable (kernel panic when I checked something with quartz debug), spaces is very laggy compared to leopard and my xbench score is lower (250 in leopard, 210 in snow leopard). Do you have the same issues @ricola? My hardware is mostly the same as yours, I only have a 9600GT instead of a 9400GT.


    €: if you want to use the optical out, you have to use a different LegacyHDA.kext, the one ricola included in his package lists 2 line-outs and no digital out. So use the kext in the folder "3outs2ins regular headphone" from this package to have a working digital out.

  7. Gibts es leider nicht... die sind nur auf der DVD (~64mb) und man bekommt sie leider nirgends. :)


    Bei dem Coverflow im Finder ist das bei mir auch so, kurz unscharf und dann geht es... in iTunes ist das aber immer leicht unscharf.