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  4. Thank you but that didn't work... still no sound here. :/ Edit: Works now with those kexts... don't know what I did wrong but maybe some kext caches were not properly deleted (tough I used Kext Utility & Kext Helper...).
  5. Someone got sound on the abit ip35-pro with this method on 10.6.4? I had the 10.6.2 AppleHDA + LegacyHDA solution working on 10.6.3 but now on 10.6.4 nothing seems to work.
  6. Someone got sound working on 10.6.4?
  7. `Black

    P55 SL Setup

    Wait and don't buy a P55 combo at the moment... it's not working with SL and has several problems. I would wait for (at least) 10.6.2 and see if Apple adds Lynnfield support to the kernel.
  8. Read this thread... seems that it's not working very good at the moment. Vanilla install seems not possible so you can only install leopard with patched voodoo kernel. I think we have to wait until Apple releases Mac Pro's or iMac's with the new CPUs and gives us an updated kernel.
  9. Looking forward to this as I'm also planning to get a p55 board with an i5/i7.
  10. Same behaviour as I have... automatic sleep doesn't work and normal sleep only works with faking ICH10R usb but wake from sleep never works (and also never worked in leopard).
  11. Theres nothing wrong with that... did you install it via OSInstall.mpkg? Did you deselect all printer drivers etc. so that there's no error at the end of the installation? If you had an error try to reinstall the BSD.pkg (same directory as osinstall.mpkg).
  12. Yes. And it has to be there, otherwise fans still spinning. I need SleepEnabler.kext + dsdt usb fix for proper sleep but wake doesn't work. On 10.5.8 I have the same behaviour.
  13. OpenHaltRestart fixes the shutdown/restart (had this kext already) but when the computer tries to sleep, he only turns off completly with the dsdt usb fix but won't wake then... the lpc doesn't change anything.