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  1. Graphics update after Leo 5.2 under gma950

    I had to revert to iatkos 10.5.1 . It's easy -> just install from dvd with the next next finish principle , it will keep all your stuff and user settings . Then you can install the 10.5.2 again and then just wait for a graphics driver solution
  2. Did the 10.5.2 , no problems Did the graphics update and now I got blue screen (I hear my reminders and all , osx works but I have no image) I use a packard bell with the GMA950 Which files should I replace ? (and where van I find them ) I can connect the harddisk to another PC to access it
  3. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    10.5.2 went OK graphics update didnt -> blue screen on my gma950 Anyone any idea how to undo graphics update ? (I can mount the disk in another system to access files)
  4. Best Laptops With Full Hardware Support and Acceleration

    12.1" : Packard-Bell BU-45 notebook Everything works right out of the box except the dang intel3945 wifi The intel wifi card is located under the keyboard , easy to replace .. but I don't know which one to buy (dell 1390 or atheros )
  5. xp on apple TV ?

    ppl tried to install OSX on the thingy , but what if it were possible to install XP mediacenter edition on it ? We could play divx , avi , mpg , and so on , and it will connect to your favoutite upnp NAS
  6. Callisto for pavilion zd8000 laptops

    Does anyone know how to use an external monitor at 1680 x 1050 ? My zd8000 has the 1440x900 LCD onboard, but 99% of the time I use my external display. The OS finds my internal LCD panel and restricts the maximum resolution to 1440x900 . (I'm not looking for dual display , I just want to use the external monitor )
  7. I have the ZD8320EA as well. What happens to yours when you connect an external monitor ? My external image is not 100% what it should be
  8. Application Settings

    Indeed Thank you (this option is not in the windows version I had with my printer , you had to tweak the registry there)
  9. Application Settings

    I'm using CD labelprint , a Canon program to print stuff on printable CD/DVD's. Before I had my Mac , I used the windows version . In the program I can enter the inner and outer circle size, but the program uses a safety margin (both Mac and Win versions) To go under the safety margin (I need a smaller innercircle) I could just edit the parameter in the windows registry Now the question : Where do Mac applications keep their settings ?
  10. HP zd8000 owners chime in

    I have the zd8000 , with the 1440x900 display . I also have an external 22" LCD (also 1440x900) . Problem is : the video image on my external screen is actually 1440x900 , but my monitor reports it's only 1280x864 (or something in that area) Result : the image is larger than my screen ,the toolbar is beyond my visible area , as for half of my dock because my screen thinks it is 1280x864 .... The screen has no settings to adjust the H and V (it's a tft, only has color , brightness , phase and contrast settings ) When I boot from my XP partition , the output to my external screen is correct . I hope anyone understands what I mean
  11. zd8000 video (x600) issue

    Hi I have a 10.4.6 running on my zd8000 , everything works fine To be able to run aperture 1.5 I need the 10.4.8 . I tried to upgrade , reinstall, ... but I can't get QE going in 10.4.8 . tried koverg, callisto , ... the best I can manage is 1440x900 (which is fine) but no QE In 10.4.6 QE is enabled after koverg What am I missing here (I installed 10.4.8 numerous times)
  12. PC remote

    My laptop (zd8000 series) came with an infrared remote , most of its functions (vol, power , OK , directional, back , ... ) work on the OSx
  13. Hi I have a laptop : the ZD8000 with radeon x600 and a 17" 1440x900 LCD panel Installed 10.4.8 I have a situation with the external display The 1440x900 is working on the internal ; but the external display (also 1440x900 LCD 20" on my desk) reports a 1152x864 input signal . The actual image appears to be the correct 1440x900 but is overshoots (parts of the image are outside the monitor's edges) Is there a way to get the correct external panel output ? I think it somehow misreads the DDC info the monitor sends to the PC , or the PC which sends wrong DDC info to the external screen . I don't want dual screen or expanded screen or whatever it is called . Just the same image as the internal screen has Does anyone know how I can tell the monitor on the external port that my signal is 1440x900 ? EDIT: I used a breakoutbox to disable all DDC communication between monitor and PC . Still the same . The width of the image appears to be within boundaries ; the heigt is not . I suspect a wrong frequency ... not much ... 59 Hz instead of 60 or so