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  1. New leo4allv3 patch

    I do have three real Macs. And you'd be a Mac and Linux fanboy too if you had to work in IT. Although I suppose if Microsoft made better software I'd be out of a job
  2. New leo4allv3 patch

    I never asked, just spent a little time looking for what I needed. Everything you could need is likely here already. If you can't be bothered to learn on your own, seriously, stick with Windows.
  3. That actually might be OK for what I have in mind. My collection is already converted I just need something that can crunch away on anything new I acquire without taking up my main system. I'd basically only be doing on average one or two files a day but this would allow me to have my main system (which is a power hog) turned off more often. Plus anything I need right away I can do on my main system. Thanks a ton for the test!
  4. Onetrack, I'd love to know how that Atom system does at converting MKVs into h.264 MP4 files if you are doing that at all. I've been looking to build a cheap, low-power box that I can put under my desk and just leave it crunching away at converting HD stuff for my Xbox360 and maybe downloading torrents. I could build a full system for about $200 on Newegg based on that board. Also, is the on board ethernet recognized? I know you're using wireless but I'd rather have it hooked into my network with a hard line.
  5. OS X on original iMac w/64mb ram?

    The CD drives in those older iMacs have alot of trouble reading ANY burned CDs after a few years, which it obviously has been. If you're serious about running that iMac hack it up and put it in a PC case so you can run a regular optical drive. And you need as much RAM as possible as the processor is painfully slow. That Beige G3 AIO is actually about the same level of power. In fact the Beige can use standard desktop PC66-133 RAM up to 768MB while the iMac is limited to SO-DIMMs up to 384MB if it's a Rev. A or 512MB if it's a Rev. B. I've run 10.3 at an acceptable level on a 333MHz iMac with 320MB of RAM. Running one app at a time and nothing intensive at that it worked OK.
  6. Best beer

    Cascazilla from the Ithaca Beer Company is probably the best tasting beer I've ever had, a fantastic hoppy red ale. I also enjoyed Beamish Red from an Irish pub when I was in Edinburgh.
  7. G4 Upgrades

    Yeah, the graphics card will work fine. It won't set any speed records as it is the slowest card capable of QE though. You need to cut out part of the optical drive cage in order to close the case with the Quicksilver processor in. If you're going for it head to www.xlr8yourmac.com and read read read. And then read some more. The forum disappeared unfortunately but the database and FAQs hold more information on older Macs than you're likely to find anywhere else. Everything you need to know is either on the site or contained in links from the site, with lots of photos too. Everything I know about the install came from there.
  8. G4 Upgrades

    Wow, a Rage6! It is a Radeon that was build-to-order on the Cube and probably the Gigabit series as well. They aren't very common and sometimes aren't recognized correctly by software but it should work just fine for you. As for a QS CPU, since it was running on a 133MHz bus, the multiplier will lead it to run slower on a Gigabit. A dual 1GHz has a 7.5 multiplier and as such will run at 750MHz unmodified in your Gigabit, although there sometimes are other problems seen when running these CPUs on 100MHz boards. The L3 is not always capable of being enabled (something of a hit-or-miss depending on which run of CPU it is). In order to install it you will need to modify your case and also desolder the IDE connector for the optical drive bay from your motherboard as well as hook up a 12v lead to the 4th pin of the CPU card as it needs the voltage to boot.
  9. G4 Upgrades

    If you can get everything cheaply by all means go for it, I just don't see it being worth the time, effort and cash. Trust me though, you will want to find a better graphics card. At the very least see if you can pick up an AGP Radeon (original Radeon, technically a 7200) or Geforce2MX to enable QE. Shouldn't cost more than $20-30 on ebay if you can find one. It is also possible to use the processors from Quicksilver G4s with a 12v modification. Those would likely be cheaper than retail upgrades, but unless you have some soldering skills they would run at a lower speed and, if I remember correctly, the L3 cache will be disabled.
  10. G4 Upgrades

    You can't use the processor from a MDD. Completely different interface. Unless you add a PCI card for SATA or ATA133 you won't be able to use any HD larger than 120GB. And no matter how fast the processor you stick in there you will always be crippled by a 100MHz bus. Being the owner of 2 Digital Audio G4s I can tell you now that unless you want to make a hobby out of this or have hardware/software that will only work on your Gigabit G4 it makes zero sense to upgrade it. For the cheapest of processor upgrades it will cost around $180 for a single G4, plus your RAM costs, plus a hard drive, plus a new graphics card if you want to use QE (if the card is still stock that is). To outfit the G4 with a dual processor upgrade, RAM etc. would cost well over $500 retail. You could buy an Intel MacMini for about the same cost as upgrading the G4 and it would destroy it at just about everything, not to mention what kind of OSX86 machine you could build. So in my opinion, it almost never makes sense to spend money on an old G4.
  11. I've been having this problem ever since I first installed OSX on my system. My network connection will drop out and come back for seemingly no reason. If a transfer is already in progress however it is unaffected. As an example, torrents will continue downloading while loading a web page will take 30 seconds or more to start. My system is an Intel Bad Axe 2 board with a PentiumD 920 and 2GB of OCZ Platinum Rev.2 RAM. I am running it at 3.15GHz and the RAM at 900MHz but the problem was the same before I overclocked. The problem has existed under 10.4.8 with Semthex's kernel and DaemonES' kernel, as well as 10.4.9 with Netkas' 8.9.1 kernel. I've tried using the onboard gigabit, a Realtek-based 8169S-32 Netgear PCI card and a Zydas-based 802.11g USB adapter, all with the same results. I've also tried replacing the IONetworkingFamily.kext with an older version from 10.4.7. As of now I'm at a loss as to what else to try. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. LogMeIn Now Available for Mac!

    You could also use Hamachi in combination with Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft (freeware) for controlling PCs and ARD for your Macs. Don't rely on the GUI version of Hamachi for OSX though, I haven't had much luck with it. Running it through Terminal works flawlessly. You can create a network of I believe up to 15 computers for free. As an aside, logmein purchased Hamachi last year but I don't know if it is now the basis of their setup.
  13. You're not conisdered a seeder until you have all of the files. Sure you will get credit for whatever you upload and that would be a good way to keep your ratio up, but I thought you were asking if you needed all of those files to be a seeder.
  14. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Apologies, I had a bug up my tail-end yesterday. As far as this though, I'm of the opinion that it isn't worth buying an iMac with the intention of immediately buying a graphics card for it. If you already bought the 24" and decide you need more oomph this is fantastic though. Sorry for the quick and nasty reply. It wasn't a good day for me. Writing VBA code all day can do that to a person