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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have this Powercolor card as well and was able to get it running in 10.6.2. Now the next mission is to get dual monitors working. Is there any hope in this? Direct HDMI out works right now. Display Port is a no go and DVI is a no go. I'd like to get at least DVI working. Thanks.
  2. oopl

    GPS Software?

    What's the best GPS software for OSX? I was used to using Streets & Trips 2007 on my Windows laptop and want to find something similar to run on the mac.
  3. oopl

    Front Row

    Bummer, I was looking forward to trying this app.
  4. oopl

    Maxxuss Exec_10.4.2 Patch

    and let's not forget WiFi drivers for our laptops! There are lots of Centrino laptops with Intel Pro Wireless out there.
  5. oopl

    [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    hmm, I'm getting green tint when watching quicktime (.mov) files any ideas?
  6. SleepLess does not work either.
  7. I put it in extensions macgirl: what do you mean edit this file?
  8. oopl

    [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    thanks woodsk7, I got QE working now.
  9. My 700m still goes to sleep when the lid is closed...
  10. awesome, I'm gonna give this a try
  11. sweet! can't wait to give this a try
  12. oopl

    Wireless Internet

    Any wireless ethernet bridge should work. What we want is driver support for internal WiFi hardware. Come on Intel Pro Wireless 2200 drivers!
  13. oopl

    Disabling suspend on laptop lid close

    The thing with my Dell 700m is that it does not wake up from sleep/suspend. That's why I want to turn off the suspend on lid close feature.
  14. I got wireless internet (at dialup speeds) working via Bluetooth on my Dell 700m by following this guide. You need: 1)Bluetooth Dongle that Mac OSX86 recognizes 2)Cell Phone that supports GPRS and has uncrippled Bluetooth (Dial Up Networking) 3)GPRS data plan through your cell phone provider 4)Modem script for your cell phone (goes into /Library/Modem Scripts) I'm gonna try setting up internet connection sharing through bluetooth from my desktop next.
  15. oopl

    Dell 700m People ...

    Also, is anyone else's clock in OSX86 off (slow) by 5 hours? Even if you pick the right city? If I manually adjust the time in OSX, the time in Windows XP is off.