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  1. 10.6.8 on H57 Express Chipsets

    yea thanks too u man u rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 10.6.8 on H57 Express Chipsets

    I have the same pc could u help with kexts and be ma friend on fb i get errors while installing "The installer could not validate the contents of the '10.5.7 Intel' Package. Click Restart" i use busratio=22 cpus=1 -x -v pls help
  3. Need Help Drivers

    hi i am new to hackintosh world or wharever you people call it iam struggling to install snow leopard My system specs dell 580s i3 550 320 gb hard drive 2 gb ram clark dale intehrated graphics cant boot iaktosv7 normally it boots only with cpus=1 busratio-20 -x -v dosent work get kernel panic going to try iPortable_Snow_x86_Installer_[MacOSX] also cannot find drivers for broadcom net link 57788 lom willing to modify kexts and what should i enable and disable in bios [speed step virtulization cpuid etc] iam aware of ahci help will be appreciated