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  1. I have been reading couple things about ruby and java, which one is better for a beginner programer?
  2. Programing question

    I have a question, Where can I learn how to program in terminal? are there any sites you guys recommend or other great programming software ?
  3. The Never Ending Story

    Homer Simpson was bringing the moon somehow to earth, but.....
  4. Take One, Leave One

    LCD science or math
  5. The Never Ending Story

    He luckly landed on Bush and was managed to survive when....
  6. Take One, Leave One

    Pireli James blunt or Mary J Blige
  7. Apple Wallpaper

    I like the effect
  8. Attention! playin in CS3

    Lol u have a lot of bored days, not bad and yea increase the font a little.
  9. The Never Ending Story

    he managed to jump out before the crash and was falling down.....
  10. Take One, Leave One

    Demonoid Black eye peas or U2
  11. new wallpaper

    with the black background its better
  12. World of Warcraft - Hackintosh Guild

    what is ur highest lvl my dude is 66
  13. Leopard as soon as March

    thx for the link cant wait.