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  1. I have an Asus P7P55-lx MB, Core I-5 750 CPU. I need $ sysctl kern.hv_support. Can I replace CPU to get $ sysctl kern.hv_support? If yes which CPU should I install?
  2. AppleHDA Patcher

    Does it support VIA VT1708S soundcard?
  3. Is any update for 10.10? Did someone tried if it works on 10.10?
  4. Increase size of OS X partition

    Hi. I tried Stellar but it won't do anything without rescue disk. Thats why I was unable to use it. Do you know how to stop Stellar asking for rescue disk creation?
  5. I applied MBR to GPT conversion. Disk Utility shows me error(on screenshot). How can I resize OS X partition? What other tools can be used?
  6. Asus P7P55LX

    Hi. MacPro5,1 I currently using and works well. With your Extra folder system still wakes up as before, but with other wake reason Nov 11 18:48:41-Mac-Pro kernel[0] <Debug>: Wake reason: EHC1 It seams like I need your BIOS settings
  7. Asus P7P55LX

    I can put system to sleep from menu, but system wakes up in 3 seconds after got slept. I'm not using custom DSDT because of don't know how. How can I install your dsdt? Can you upload whole Extra folder? Voodoo works for me mic, front panel. But for some reason voodoo doesn't store/restore its settings (volume and other settings in system preferences) in spite on VoodooHdaSettingsLoader in login items. Each time I run VoodooHdaSettingsLoader in one session(configure, run VoodooHdaSettingsLoader -> settings lost) I loose my voodoo settings. Ran just after auto wake ➜ ~ pmset -g Active Profiles: AC Power 2* Currently in use: hibernatemode 0 sleep 10 Sleep On Power Button 1 ttyskeepawake 1 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage autorestart 0 disksleep 10 displaysleep 10 ➜ ~
  8. Asus P7P55LX

    Here is my wake reason: syslog |grep -i "Wake reason" kernel[0] <Debug>: Wake reason: USBE
  9. Asus P7P55LX

    Hi. I've successfully updated 10.8.5 to 10.9, but for some reason sleep doesn't work for me. I also want to switch from VoodooHDA to AppleHDA if it possible. All tech specs in my signature. Please help me out of my problems.
  10. Will this patch work on nVidia GTS 250 with 1Gb ram?
  11. Pandora's Box (Beta 2 Testing)

    What OpenCL patches Pandora applies? I need their description and link. Thanks.
  12. The VMWare Workstation 9 Delemma

    I've downloaded VMware image with installed ML, patched my VMware 9 and after apple logo I get black screen with mouse cursor. How can I fix it?
  13. Plese post here your dsdt, extra folder or whatever you used to install ML
  14. How did you installed 10.8 on p7p55 lx? please post an instuctions and dsdt
  15. VoodooPS2Controller

    Works for me well, but I have a mouse with two scrolls(for horizontal and vertical scrolling). Unfortunally both scrolls makes vertical scrolling. I would glad to get working horizontal and vertical scrolling. Is it possible to get it with its driver? If answer is YES, what I have to do? PS: mouse and keyboard are PS2