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  1. igora6

    Snow Leopard on Asus N61Jq Laptop

    Hi All, have you guys figure out hoe to install video for Radeon Mobility HD5730 with full hardware acceleration support? i heard there is a native .kext available. If so, can we have main topic updated. I want to give my N61J another chance with MacOS.
  2. igora6

    Snow Leopard on Asus N61Jq Laptop

    OMG! I got ATI 5730 HD WORKING!!! just follow the guide DO not skip steps (Especially step 4) ALL looking good! How do I check if it is QE/CI?
  3. igora6

    Snow Leopard on Asus N61Jq Laptop

    I had to reinstall. So im back with fresh OS X 10.6.3 It boots up from HDD fine. Sound works. Now just video. I havent updated to 10.6.6 yet I have been flowing your guide on video install. I skipped step 4. for some reason. After reboot ive got 2/3 of the screen white and left 1/3 is black. External monitor shuts off. Can not boot from HDD now, but CD works. I guess I would have to redo everything again and do step 4. question. We have so many .kexts in Extra folder that are not in use(ex. ATI x4800, Geforce, etc) Would that be better right after fresh 10.6.3 boot get rid of the useless stuff, I would say ALL, and load just kext`s that we need for our N61J?