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  1. So, what FBs do you use in your experiments?
  2. Did you try to use Eulemur instead of Hoolock and Baboon? My note is 7741G, too. I tried Eulemur and had best result with it. Now I want to continue work to make my LVDS working. Let's do it together! I forgot to say that my last try was about 6 month ago. So, I found DisplayProductID-717 I used earlier and my IODisplayEDID is AP///////wAw5MoBAAAAAAASAQOAJhV4CqjAnVhQmiYcUFQAAAABAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEB AQEBLyZAuGCEDDAwMCMAftcQAAAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA/gAAAABMR0Rp c3BsYXkKAAAA/gBMUDE3M1dEMS1UTEExAHg= you may try to use it instead of yours. And now some questions: 1. What kernel did you use? 2. What loader did you use? 3. Did you use original driver for patching or another one?
  3. 1120

    Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    There are some problems with LVDS + 1600x900 + QE/CI.... yet. Am I rigth? Yes! Im right! What a FCKN card 5650m\6550m. During almost 365 days I tried to make LVDS work.... but NOTHING.... ZERO... oh my GOD... please make my internal display work! LET'S PRAY!
  4. 1120

    5650m - DSDT edition - DUAL LINK

    We have same config and same problem. For now I have to ways to use Mac OS X (Lion). First is run with GraphicsEnabler=No (with 1024x768 instead 1600x900, and without acceleration). Second is connect external VGA (fully functional - FB Eulemur (patched)). I tried everything I read, but my LVDS don't want to work with GraphicsEnbler=Yes. So, I think it's impossible.