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  1. Hi, verdant! I hope you don't mind me being lazy but I've got a question for you, quite specific: is there a way to use our mobo's soundcard to have 5.1 audio? And is it possible to get the audio input working? To use a microphone and to be able to use Skype and others? It's just that for now, apart some ocasional KP with VoodooHDA and IOAudioFamily on boot, the machine is running smoothly! Thanks!
  2. Hi! Need I to say anything else? No, I do not...Thank you, verdant, you're the man!!
  3. Hi, verdant! Here it goes...and thank you so much for such help and teaching! You could start an 1-800-verdant support hotline... GTX480.zip
  4. Hello! Once again here I am to ask you something, already in Yosemite! I've followed your tutorial, smooth as the previous one to Mavericks! Only had an issue, the nForcelan.kext and the VoodooHDA.kext, for some reason, were not loading on the startup! Nothing that Kext Utility (and not Kext Wizard, that didn't fix it) didn't solve! Now, a new issue: i've got an Asus GTX 480 graphics card and, since I'm using your DSDT, it shows up the 9800 GT that you probably use. Is it possible for me to change this and, then, to be able to change screen resolution and try better graphics games? Or is it "hardcoded" into your DSDT, making it unchangeable? Thank you, verdant, as usual, amazing tutorials and amazing support!
  5. That's the thing, the IPTV box WAS disconnected, but since the OSX 10.9.4 "sees it"I think it kept some kind of record of it and, on update, it waits for it...but I'll try you first tip and go from there! UPDATE As usual, verdant, it's only a matter of following your instructions... Everything smooth sailing, at 10.9.5!! Once again, thank you for your time and help!
  6. Ok, my mistake, then, I'll try to do it like that, first 10.9.4, the fix permissions, then 10.9.5! About the server it's an IPTV box that it is not accessible ever, but i'll try it out! Thank you for your patience and time wasted with a learner! As soon as I have tried everything out I'll let you know!
  7. Hi again! I think you meant OSXUpdCombo10.9.5! I've downloaded it but, before trying it out, let me just get this clear: when you say "set up OS X to automatically attempt to connect to a local shared network" you mean that it has DHCP enabled?It is! And I only use ethernet port and it's configured in Network/Hardware as automatic. Thanks, you've been the best! And I'm waiting for the 10.10...
  8. Hi, verdant! Back to bother you! I can't upgrade from 10.9.4 to 10.9.5, my system does update but after the reboot I get a KP with IOHDAFamily.kext, IOGraphicsFamily.kext and IOAudioFamily.kext, so I boot in safe mode, delete then and...no more OSX on my machine, when booting it hangs out with an error message, "support for the server has been deprecated (prep) or a cs_invalid_page googlesoftwareup! Any ideia, my friend? And, as also, thank you in advance!
  9. Hi, verdant! Just to let you know that all is going rather well, I'm even considering to start using the Mavericks daily, instead of Win 8.1! I just haven't been able to figure out why the kexts that I copy to the S/L/E in the USB boot pen dont get installed in the S/L/E of Mavericks, I have to copy them using another instalation. Anyway thank you for your help and regarding the DSDT you sent me...I really need to learn A LOT, because I've tried to just replace mine on the USB boot pen and it stalls with a few KP. Then it hit me, your MOBO may be the same but your HW it's different! Back to basics! Thank you, my friend!
  10. Hello, verdant! I'm usign the mouse and keyboard with PS2 but I can use them via USB, no problem with that! Also, and since I've got your attention , I'm stuck after the boot, when it's time for the display to show the "Welcome" screen in the installation stage of Mavericks. I'm pretty sure that it's the kext for my Nvidia graphics card. I've tried a few, even the one I use in ML, but with no success! Any idea? It's an GTX 490. And I've also used the "graphicsenabler=no". Update: Display issue solved, PAYING ATTENTION TO THE TUTORIAL... The Mavericks is running! Still I would appreciate you sending me your DSDT and I have no sound! Looked up and used the AD1998b.FIX but, since it's a fix, it's supposed to be used to fix something, right? Thanks, your the man!
  11. Hi there! First of all THANK YOU, verdant, for such a complete tutorial, it's something never before seen! I've got a Hackintosh running but with some faults and what I want is to make it run as perfectly as possible. So, using you tutorial I plan to advance to Mavericks but I don't quite get this point: "[6] Copy across from your running 64bit mode Snow Leopard, or Lion, or Mountain Lion system, your MOBO's OS X DSDT.aml file into the open target HDD OS X Mavericks window, i.e. the target HDD volume's root i.e. / directory……." Because for me to install the Mountain Lion the DSDT was in the USB disk, I think in the Extra folder, but it was a different installation method. And now, is it possible for you to share with me your DSDT? Because I've got the same MOBO as you, Asus P5N32-Sli Plus. Thank you in advance and congratulations for you effort and work!