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  1. I suspected that this may have been the case so I went through it again with the switch on - unfortunately it yielded the same results. I'm not overly concerned however as I had it working on my XPS m1330 and believe its the same driver. Thanks, Scott
  2. Just a friendly update from my side - I was able to install iATKOS v7 10.5.7 on my XPS m1530 first attempt. The only issue I've spotted in the few minutes I've spent with it is my wi-fi doesn't seen to be working out of the box. My lan connection however is working which was a nice surprise. Thanks, Scott
  3. TimeMachine fails backup

    Unfortunately those fixes aren't working for me. My Time Machine was working fine for so long but not I get the generic backup volume can't be found error. I'm running on an XPS m1330.
  4. Dell E521 - Success!

    Anyone try Leo4All v4.1 yet? I'm giving it a shot as we speak but sure hope I don't run into the same kernel panics that I had with v3. (So far the only one that I've had success with on this e521 is v2). I'll keep the thread updated for those who are interested in trying it. -cdrz
  5. I finally got this working. Unfortunately EFI Studio didn't do the trick, nor did any of the patchers. Thanks again Agrafuese for taking the time to create this tutorial. -cdrz
  6. EFI Studio seems to have filled in some of the details but I still can't change my resolution and there is no hardware acceleration support.
  7. BFG 8800GT (512MB) I've been struggling with this card for some time but can't seem to get it working. I see that others have had success so I'm hoping that I can get a little bit of assistance. Unfortunately a few of the nvinstaller packages that I've tried not only fail in that they result in a kernel panic, but many times leave the system in an un-bootable state. Fortunately I have a full backup so it's easy enough to get back up and running. Oddly enough I was able to get a friends EVGA 8800 up and running and no time. Thanks all I appreciate the help! Scott
  8. Dell E521 - Success!

    I just want to ping the thread again as the Leo4All still locks up during install. What are the specific AMD fixes? I chose the 9.2.0 kernel and the nForce driver but she still locks up. Thanks again [edit] - she locks up anywhere from 40% to 90% so it seems to be pretty random. I've read some posts where folks have had more success installing v2 of Leo4All so I'll give that a shot while I continue reading. [edit 2] - well I gave Leo4All v2 a shot this morning and to my surprise the installation went though fine! I did notice however that after rebooting I had an HFS error but I'm not too concerned about it. The fact that there were no kernel panics is great. I'll look into it when I get home but I'm hoping that its just a matter of choosing the proper SATA package (my first attempt was a basic install with no additional options selected). [edit 3] - viola! after a little fdisk'ing i got it dual booting Leopard and Vista. Network is working out of the box but its not detecting my vid/sound card but I'm not too concerned as the hard part is done. Time for a time machine and to move on. 3 machines down with 1 left to go to complete the migration. -cdrz
  9. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    After many unsuccessful attempts to get hardware acceleration working on my 8400, your guide got me up and running in minutes. Between you and Mac Girl you two have made my transition to OSX a very smooth ride. Thanks again we all appreciate your help. -CDRZ
  10. Dell E521 - Success!

    Nuclear, Thanks for all your help so far. Can you elaborate on what options you selected at the customize screen? More specifically, what are the AMD fixes? I chose the 9.2.0 kernel and the nForce driver but she still locks up during the install. Thanks again for your assistance. cdrz
  11. Anyone have the broadcom 59xx work?

    Yep, I have a Broadcom 59XX series nic in my dell m1330 which doesn't work (wifi works right away) so I had to purchase a $49.99 CDN apple usb-to-ethernet adapter. While this adapter is completely overpriced, it did have me connected within seconds. Now I just need to get hardware acceleration working on my damn 8400GS vid card!!
  12. This particular laptop is an IBM Thinkpad T40, Intel P4 1.5Ghz. On a side note I've pulled down the 10.4.8 iso which I plan on putting on my new AMD dual core X2 3800. It has a Radeon x1950Pro. The last version I tried had trouble detecting my SATA drive. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it... one machine at a time. Thanks again
  13. It just finished and I tried booting however I don't see a GUI. It looks like it attempting to launch it but gets stuck at a screen with black and white vertacle lines. I guess I'll try again except this time I'll include X11. If that fails the only remaining option would be to choose X11 and not JAS' addons.
  14. She's still installing now but I'll respond with my results. I'm curious to know what all is included with the 'addons' package that was listed under the customize screen and why it wasn't selected by default. X11 for OSX was also listed as an optional addon.