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    QE CI help

    It would be useful to the rest of the community if you mentioned how..?
  2. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help with an uncommon dual-boot configuration please? Basically, I've got Vista installed on disk0 and 10.4.8 installed on disk1. Both work and boot correctly when I swap the boot order in the BIOS. However, I'd like to get a native boot menu (no Acronis please!) configured, but: 1 - I can't get OSX to recognise Vista on the other drive as a bootable OS (is there a way to manually add another entry to the "F8 boot" menu?) and/or 2 - I can't figure out how to point the osdevice of bcdedit with Vista to a foreign drive, i.e. one that has no drive letter (as it's HFS+). Any guidance or suggestions would be most welcome! Thanks, Mike
  3. MikeyH

    Natit_Uni_1.0 with Ati 9600 Pro

    Hey Neo, Is there a (permanent) technical reason why lower ATI's aren't supported, or is it a development/effort problem? Cheers, Mike