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  1. Help needed PLS!

    Well, i installed iAtkos again and with a new configuration this time and this time it doesnt turned off the monitor rather there were scattered pixels on the screen..i will post the pic after my class will end..and yep i will try your method..thanks for the reply
  2. Help needed PLS!

    Okay..now i have installed iAtkos S3 on my PC and the installation went fine but when i entered into the splash screen it gave me a kernal panic i-e press power button to restart blah blah but then i tried several commands and i was finally succesful to get past that error..i used -x but one new error was waiting for me and after the spinning wheel my LCD automatically shut off i mean the display was not coming and my ACER V193W LCD was showing `no signal`..any help pls
  3. Error with iAktos S3

    Looks like i have guessed the problem a bit..actually by going into the verbose mode..which is -v the error is given on three things..first is of my 3D card second one is PCI slot and the third one i forgot..i just wanted to ask is there any way i can add kexts to my iAtkos ISO?
  4. Error with iAktos S3

    Well after this error, i selected some customizations according to my PC but the problem retained..though i got a little bit past the grey screen by using the command -x on the boot loader but then the spinning wheel appeared and it kept spining and spinning then after 20 minutes the press power button to restart splash screen appeared and i was like WTF!
  5. Error with iAktos S3

    Hey guys..i recently installed iAktos S3 on my machine without any customizations and my hardware specs are Intel Dual Core 2.5 ghz, 2GB RAM, 1GB Radeon HD 4670 and mother board is intel DG31PR and the installation went fine but when i restarted my PC to complete the installion a splash screen appeared telling me to hold the power button to restart..i tried again and again but to no avail..pls help
  6. Help needed PLS!

    Okay now i am downloading iAktos S3 and i have downloaded it like 50 percent..i am gonna tell you back that what happened. Anywayz i wanted to ask that if i install the hazard install without any customizations then would it will give me any errors? or if not..would be i able to download the drivers later using my windows machine. Thanks bro..i am checking those guides..you all insanely mac people are superb..very helpful people.
  7. Help needed PLS!

    Hey guys i am new to this whole hackintosh thing and i have been searching on the internet for like 2 weeks to install a hackintosh..My PC specifications are Intel Dual Core E5200@2.5Ghz 2GB RAM..Motherboard is Intel DG31PR..Graphic card is ATI Radeon HD4670..I downloaded Snow_Leopard_Client_Server_10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard and went to the install screen succesfully with -cpus=2 command then i did the disk utility stuff and then i went to the customization where i choose Chamleon 10.5 efi, choose the intelNgyp something kernel..clicked on the First audio driver which had the description that if your sound card is not listed click here..i choose PS/2 keyboard and mouse fix..i choose About MAC fix..then after installation i rebooted my PC and went into the boot loader and when i loaded MAC OS X..a kernal panic started ..can u pls guide me how to install it correctly..pls pls..and if there is some updated version available then pls guide me..THANK YOu