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  1. Jack Manlosa

    Dell Vostro 2510 Help!

    I have successfully installed MacOsX 10.5.2 [Kalyway] everything is working. sounds [output internal speakers + headset, input mic] built in camera is working video - QE/CI [hardware accelerated] LAN - working 100% out of the box wifi - working 100% - broadcom BCM4312 let me know if you need the kext.. i got them
  2. Jack Manlosa

    Dell Vostro 2510 Help!

    I am working on these specs too.. so far i have wired network, i have graphics accelerated, i have sound control but no output yet [still working on it], working also on wireless network will update you soon. im using Kalyway 10.5.2 installer.
  3. Jack Manlosa

    Help Me

    this has something to do with your hard drive configuration and also with your sata optical drive. check those and try a few combination/config.
  4. Jack Manlosa

    Solving USB problems; USB devices do not mount

    wow.. got mine solve with the installer! nice work! thank you thank you!
  5. Jack Manlosa

    Darwin reboot

    at darwin boot prompt you can issue this command: boot: platform:X86PC it will force the loader to boot without the ACPI framework loaded.
  6. Jack Manlosa

    OSX installed, but does not boot?

    tried this a couple of time before.. this could be the install DVD still in the Drive after installation. so, my solution.. after installation where it ask for a reboot, let it reboot, but after you see your POST screen on pc remove immediately the install disc. in short.. dont let it boot with DVD on the drive. after a successful installation. hope this helps.
  7. Jack Manlosa

    Installation of 10.5.2 DVD Intel/AMD problems

    remaster/reburn your DVD at lower speed. make sure that its the right one. compare it with the HASH key that kalyway and company posted.
  8. Jack Manlosa

    Leopard on the new Asus Eee Box

    Video = GMA950 -- all supported with CI/QE Aetheros wireless lan - 100% working mouse/touchpad -- working sound - working using Azalia
  9. Jack Manlosa

    [How To] Misc Solutions

    windows can't read HFS partition. you'd have to use a third party software like partition magic to read the mac os partition..
  10. Jack Manlosa

    Kext folder for Kalyway?

    hey motion man.. where you able to solve your problem?
  11. Jack Manlosa


    at startup, can you press f8 and then issue -v to see the complete logs? and then try to capture that here, and let us know.
  12. Jack Manlosa

    Help! Please Read!

    anytime.. glad i can help.
  13. Jack Manlosa

    Problem After Install

    so its ok now?
  14. Jack Manlosa

    Help! Please Read!

    sorry i dont have any experience with Aitkos, as i am always using Kalyway but yes you can install the darwin bootloader manually. you may want to search the forum the easiest way to do it.