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  1. That is a leopard .kext; not a Snow Leopard .kext. This is probably causing the problem.
  2. wardo1254

    Enabling QE/CI for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200?

    Your card uses an rv7xx chipset, whereas the 42xx card use a rv6xx chipset. Your card is supported but the Mobility HD 4200 is not.
  3. wardo1254

    Ati Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Quartz-Extreme

    Yes, I have and it did nothing at all.
  4. I am running 10.6.8 with nawcom's legacy kernel (10.8) and although the system works fine in single core mode (cpus=1). When I boot in dual core mode however the system stops working after "ACPI System state", but if I shake my mouse constantly it keeps booting straight to the desktop. But, If stop moving my mouse at the desktop my whole system becomes laggy and unusable. Does anyone know how to make my laptop (Aspire 5552) work in dual core mode? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I am also having this problem. My temporary fix is to use Opera which seems to display all flash content properly, although slightly laggy. UPDATE: Okay, so I found out how. I use opera so I can't guarantee this will work with other browsers. I fullscreened a youtube video and right clicked to settings and somehow it let me modify them! flash things now run 100% for me.
  6. wardo1254

    10.6.8 won't boot

    I upgraded to 10.6.8 from 10.6.7 today but now the system always reboots directly after the gui is launched [grey screen before login window not to be confused with apple logo at boot] i had to copy appleacpiplatform.kext and iopcifamily.kext from my retail dvd to even get this far. the system boots fine in safe mode though. Does anybody know what the problem is?
  7. wardo1254

    Atheros Ar9287 Driver

    Thank you very much!
  8. wardo1254

    Acer Aspire 5552

    I have a similar laptop as yours (5552) except that mine has a AMD Athlon X2 processor and Mobility Radeon Hd 4250 instead. I do have drivers for ethernet sound and usb if you want them.
  9. wardo1254

    flash breaks in chrome after update

    This is happening to me too but only on youtube. I think it is caused by my lack of quartz-extreme while chrome wants flash to be rendered with it. Does anyone have a fix?
  10. wardo1254

    Help boot Snow without cpus=1

    What happens if you don't type cpus=1 does it crash or just get laggy?
  11. A common problem with OSx86 is when running with multiple cores enabled will create a very noticeable lag/stutter. Some people can fix it with a kext but alot of people [like me] are still left to boot with one core only. I have found a solution that I think will work for everybody. In order to fix this you will need to download Facetime from the Mac App Store for .99 and an osx supported webcam. After the download opening Facetime will stop the lags/stutters as long as it remains open. So right click on it in the dock and select Option --> Open at Login. Now the lags are gone and you should have multiple cores running without the lag. This trick made my framerate increase drastically across all applications. I think this works because Facetime forces the computer to render something at all times, this prevents the graphics system from getting lazy and causing the stutter.
  12. wardo1254

    Replacement wifi Card

    I have a atheros ar5b97 [a.k.a. ar9287] wifi card which I have have given up a hope on. I looked at buying a wifi card pulled out of an actual macbook but it was too big for my laptop. Does anyone know of mini pcie wifi card with 3cm x 3cm dimensions and good osx and linux support that I could buy on the cheap side? I would also prefer it to have bluetooth but I could live without it. I am running 10.6.7 and Kubuntu 10.10 if that makes a difference.
  13. wardo1254


    Will Facetime for Mac run on a Hackintosh that does not support Quartz-Extreme? Is it also possible that it might not play nicely with my webcam? Vendor id: (0x064e) Device id: (0xa219) I don't want to pay for a useless app so I thought that I should check to make sure it would work first.
  14. When I boot Snow Leopard the system lags/stutters if I do not move the mouse constantly. But, if I add "cpus=1" to com.apple.boot.plist the system runs fine, albeit with only one core. Does anyone know how to get it to run smoothly with two cores? My Processor is: AMD Athlon X2 Processor P340 The Kernel I am using is: Nawcom Legacy Kernel V6
  15. wardo1254

    Atheros Ar9287 Driver

    I tried to get my internal wifi card [Atheros AR9287] working by adding my device ids to the ar9285 kexts but the only feedback from the driver I got was this error while booting in verbose mode: "start [/sourceCache/AirPortDriverAtheros9380/AirPortDriverAtheros9380-424.14.5/src/common/lmac/ath_dev/darwin/AtherosController.cpp:962] load failed" Is there any way to get this card working, I hate having to use my usb wifi.