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  1. Alienware m17x r2 with dual mobility 4870s,

    I seem to remember only being two cables, a white and a black, connected to the only 2 terminals on the card. Not sure why yours would be any different. My advice would be to get the new card(its only like 10$) and get it in there when you have it. Sorry I can't be of any more help.
  2. Alienware m17x r2 with dual mobility 4870s,

    It was one of these. Dell 1545 802.11b/g Half Mini KW770 And used the attached edited kext. IO80211Family.kext.zip
  3. Alienware m17x r2 with dual mobility 4870s,

    I actually ordered and installed one that I found to work from reading various posts. It was cheap on ebay, and very easy to install.
  4. Alienware m17x r2 with dual mobility 4870s,

    Hey there, I have the same setup as you, except I have the 620 i7. In any case, I have gotten full graphics support on my cards by editing the ATI4800Controller, ATIFramebuffer, and ATIRadeonX2000 kexts. I am on lion right now, but I think I used these same files when I was on SL. Just copy these to your S/L/E, repair caches, and boot with GraphicsEnabler=No Let me know if it works for you. Just realized you haven't posted in this for over 4 months. GraphicsKexts.zip
  5. Alienware M17x R2 + SL help

    Do you remember what settings you used to get it to install correctly on the M17x-R2? I have pretty much the same setup but I can't get it running after install.