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  1. I only downloaded the combo as soon as it became available for download, installed it, rebooted and everything was working, I didn`t have to reinstall anything, because everything, like I said, was working just fine...so no patch, no kext was installed/reinstalled, just the ones i use which are posted here.
  2. Just wanna let you know that I just upgraded to latest 10.9.3 using combo and everything is working just fine so far!.
  3. My first guess would be that your DSDT must`ve gotten corrupt somehow...use this one and see if it fixes it, don`t forget to repair permission and clean cache, if you`re using myHack; run myFix and choose "full". DSDT.aml.zip
  4. no issues here too... @ernani....fire up System Information and check what it says under USB Bus, must be "Built-in USB" for sleep/wake to work like so;
  5. Hi there guys!!! I upgraded to 10.9.2 yesterday using combo, everything is fine here!, no issues whatsoever!
  6. I`m glad it went well this time around, put it to good use now ...our beast is a robust machine, don`t just take my word for it, can`t even remember last time i rebooted or shut it down (if i don`t really have to)...whenever i get tired of it, i just put it to sleep...and then with a click of a button, it`s there waiting for more tinkering...that`s how stable it is... I had that ethernet problem, fixed it with "Intel82566MM.kext" (#post30).
  7. Thx so much for reporting back, I know my DSDT works fine with Chameleon, I was referring to Pepto`s install using Clover.
  8. I don`t see any "config.plist" anywhere, can you attach it please so I can have a look?, almost forgot..again, i have to insist, sorry!, What about Wake/Sleep using my DSDT? Thx!
  9. What about Wake/Sleep using my DSDT?, Do you have an install guide using Clover, I`d like to try (so sorry can`t wait until you figure out 4K HDD issue...) Thx so much!...
  10. Wow!!!...updates working with recovery disk!!!...I`ve always wanted to get Recovery Disk working, does it work like on real Mac? did you try my DSDT on Clover?, What about Sleep/Wake?...yes I know I get excited, please bear with me ; I`m not gonna lie, I`m tempted as hell....problem is I`m not familiar with Clover at all, not one bit...if you ever decide to post a guide using Clover, and I hope you do, please be very thorough...Thx so much for the good news...can`t wait!!!
  11. lukin

    Apple Shipping drive DVD fix (for PATA/SATA)

    Thx so much philip, 64bit ones work fine on Mavericks (it says SuperDrive now when you click on the eject button)...but it`s only cosmetic though since it didn`t fix anything unless you turn off that setting like you said..Thx again!!!
  12. @ernani, I installed Mavericks using Myhack, I created my installer using "myHack-3.2-BETA-8" at the time;...the latest one has issues I guess, I came across smth like that, not sure though, never tried cuz I didn`t need to, Mavericks was already up and running... Anyway, get it from the link below, drag it to your application folder, run it and create your Mavericks usb installer, make sure you include My Extra folder (I`ll have a link for you, eyes-only pls) in there (usb installer),... Install a newer chameleon build from here, (get the latest trunk pkg) on top by pointing to your usb installer... Use Myhack to run myfix on your usb installer (repair permissions; choose quick), that`s it...reboot..F12...pick usb...proceed as usual... Now depending on your graphics, you may get a messed up welcome screen, a video bug, if you get it...wait for about a min until you can see and hear "for English press return key blah blah..." when you do, put your computer to sleep via power button, wait for it to sleep, then wake it via power button again...now you`ll get a clean welcome screen, so you can proceed with a clean install... Towards the end, it`ll ask you to remove certain extensions, say yes, and then it`ll ask you again for your Extra folder, point it to your extra folder...reboot and hopefully you`re done! Get Myhack Beta, the one I used, Here
  13. @ernani, I wish it was that easy...but if we do like that I`m afraid it might mess things even more than it fixes, believe me, take it one step at a time, try one thing and then move on to smth else, everybody seems to have had success using my dsdt, i don`t see why your system is different, remove all my extensions, try my dsdt alone and boot with that...check your boot.plist for missing keys...check your bios settings... How is your system hooked up to the monitor (vga, dvi, hdmi)?
  14. Applied some other small stuff; shutdown fix, RTC, TMR, and PIC to name a few...I said small stuff because everything was there in the first place but had slightly wrong values...Go here for more info. DSDT shutdown RTC TMR PIC.zip
  15. I did some research and successfully applied LPC device patch which means we no longer need a modded "AppleLPC.kext" inside Extra/Extension, the stock one loads just fine, feel free to remove it (repair permissions & reboot). DSDT - Fixed LPC.zip