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  1. The graphics is easy to test: if you have any glitches, or color issues, or weird things on your screen or screen 'hangs' or anything else unusual, it is not working... So I guess yours is working as it should ;-) Thanks for the elaborate feedback! Strange though iMessage isn't working yet. It is a pain in the ass to get it fully working if it is giving you trouble. I hope you find a solution but I'm afraid I cant help you with that!
  2. No I don't have bluetooth/wifi. I use ethernet for internet. So I assume you have this board? GA-Z77X-UD5H-WB? It is slightly different from mine and that's why I dont have bt/wifi. If yes, could you confirm you have following all working: Full Graphics QE/CI Turbo boost XMP Sleep/wake without any problem USB3 Gigabit Ethernet Audio Then I will add your board to the guide ;-) Glad to hear it is also working with stock BIOS!
  3. It means you didn't follow the guide completely, read ALL instructions, including the creation of a bootable usb. It is one of the prerequisites. ;-)
  4. Fabiuzi

    Z77X-UD5H Mojave, Sleep Don't Working

    Got everything working now! See:
  5. macOS Mojave Installation Guide.pdf Enjoy ;-)
  6. Fabiuzi

    Z77X-UD5H Mojave, Sleep Don't Working

    Hi guys, I have the same mobo and intel i3770K and Mojave 10.14.1 Did you managed to get it work? I also have same issue. I can go to sleep. But waking up gives a problem. I can hear my hard drive startup, and sound. But Finder freezes and I get the spinning wheel forever. I have to manually reboot... I'm running with F16 bios, and changed OS Type to Windows 8 WHQL and CSM support to never, but no luck. Still the same... Everything else is working! Intel HD 4000, Audio, internet, speed step, imessage.... So this last step is important for me :-)
  7. Fabiuzi

    HD4000 full graphic support

    Ok unbelievable.... While just looking around in Clover configurator, I saw an option under Graphics > Inject Intel. I just thicked the box to try... And it solved all my problems. Now in About this Mac, it shows the correct video card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB Problem solved ^^ For future references I put the answer here. Greetings!
  8. I successfully installed mojave 10.14.1 on my system, Z77X-UD5H with F16 BIOS. Internet is working. Audio is working. I have my screen attached through DVI to my HD4000 IGFX. I can play youtube video's without a problem. However i have some glitches... In finder, when hoovering over a tab, it leaves a black trail In the 'About this Mac' my graphics card is not recognised and it shows 'unknown screen' with 7MB memory When right-clicking with my mouse, the context always disappears immediately. I have to hold the right click for a few seconds I'm using Clover to boot my system via EFI. I tried installing whatevergreen kext, but system always crashes on boot, so I disabled it. Don't know what to try now Any suggestions? Or people who got it fully working with HD4000?
  9. Fabiuzi

    Flashing screen after 10.12.4 update

    I must come back to my previous post. I notice after a while my screen freezes and system reboots! Anybody else this phenomenon?
  10. Fabiuzi

    Flashing screen after 10.12.4 update

    Tried MacMini 6 and 7, no luck. Tried SwitchResX as explained before and it worked!
  11. Hi I would like to share a solution for an extremely annoying thing that apparently has no solution on the internet (or hidden somewhere ). I installed yosemite 10.10 with niresh installer. On my system it works flawless, with no additional tweaking! First time since 10.4 I had to do nothing and just enjoy! :) However, one thing was not working at all: google maps in safari was loading terribly slow, sometimes just freezing... I investigated more and concluded it was a general safari problem, since all other stuff with internet (torrents, ...) was working fine. But I couldn't find a solution for safari. 4 months later (today), I started digging in my network preferences and I saw something new, or at least something that never catched my eye before. In the settings of TCP/IP you can now choose ipv6 and indeed, it was automatically set and my local ip and router ip were both ipv4 and ipv6. Since I wrote papers back in the day on the ipv6 draft, some light bulb went off in my head and I could directly imagine what happened. This is an issue that will repeat itself for the coming 20 years, or at least until all network devices don't have decent hardware which can manage ipv4 and ipv6 simultaneously without problems. it is also quite complex to do it, but in the end many vendors still sell problematic hardware concerning ipv4/ipv6 conversion. So, what did i do? you can guess it... changed the setting to 'only link local' and tadaah... Superfast google maps!! Hope I can help people who has the same issue and don't know where to look or how to fix it. Greetz
  12. Fabiuzi

    Audio doesn't work on Yosemite dp4

    well i already posted a solution, but it's for dp4... thats why i suggested to start another topic
  13. Fabiuzi

    Audio doesn't work on Yosemite dp4

    i don't thinks somebody will reply here since the problem is solved. maybe start another thread?
  14. yes i didn't need a hard reboot. and no i'm not using chameleon. i'm using clover. but anyway when upgrading to dp4 sleep didn't worked at all... so I guess it is the same for dp5. btw you suggestion in my thread worked!
  15. well thanks, when i set the AddClockID to false and rebooted, it worked! and yes i use clover.