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  1. I must come back to my previous post. I notice after a while my screen freezes and system reboots! Anybody else this phenomenon?
  2. Tried MacMini 6 and 7, no luck. Tried SwitchResX as explained before and it worked!
  3. Hi I would like to share a solution for an extremely annoying thing that apparently has no solution on the internet (or hidden somewhere ). I installed yosemite 10.10 with niresh installer. On my system it works flawless, with no additional tweaking! First time since 10.4 I had to do nothing and just enjoy! :) However, one thing was not working at all: google maps in safari was loading terribly slow, sometimes just freezing... I investigated more and concluded it was a general safari problem, since all other stuff with internet (torrents, ...) was working fine. But I couldn't find a solution for safari. 4 months later (today), I started digging in my network preferences and I saw something new, or at least something that never catched my eye before. In the settings of TCP/IP you can now choose ipv6 and indeed, it was automatically set and my local ip and router ip were both ipv4 and ipv6. Since I wrote papers back in the day on the ipv6 draft, some light bulb went off in my head and I could directly imagine what happened. This is an issue that will repeat itself for the coming 20 years, or at least until all network devices don't have decent hardware which can manage ipv4 and ipv6 simultaneously without problems. it is also quite complex to do it, but in the end many vendors still sell problematic hardware concerning ipv4/ipv6 conversion. So, what did i do? you can guess it... changed the setting to 'only link local' and tadaah... Superfast google maps!! Hope I can help people who has the same issue and don't know where to look or how to fix it. Greetz
  4. Audio doesn't work on Yosemite dp4

    well i already posted a solution, but it's for dp4... thats why i suggested to start another topic
  5. Audio doesn't work on Yosemite dp4

    i don't thinks somebody will reply here since the problem is solved. maybe start another thread?
  6. yes i didn't need a hard reboot. and no i'm not using chameleon. i'm using clover. but anyway when upgrading to dp4 sleep didn't worked at all... so I guess it is the same for dp5. btw you suggestion in my thread worked!
  7. well thanks, when i set the AddClockID to false and rebooted, it worked! and yes i use clover.
  8. well, on my system the reboot is only for dp4, dp5. when putting yose to sleep on dp2, i can only wake from sleep with power button. but the good thing about the wake is it happens in just 4 seconds. i also noticed in dp2 that when i change in the bios to boot from my HD5670 the wake doesn't always work. anyway tnx for the update
  9. if i'm correct, you managed to get sleep fully working in 10.10 with chameleon, GPU boot first, DSDT no and GE yes? i'm having also this issue with 10.10 dp2. here is the thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299924-usb-keyboardmouse-dont-wake-yosemite-only-power-button-does/?do=findComment&comment=2049437
  10. nice. did you had same issues with mavericks? i come from ml so i was just wondering...
  11. Boot login

    When i installed yosemite, i didn't selected something like 'requires password at login' during the setup process before you get to the desktop the first time. did you select it? if you did, maybe try installing with it unselected... if you didn't, then i don't know
  12. ok so i tried any possible xchi combination there is... nothing. tried different other settings. nothing helped. the weird thing is that almost whatever choice i make in the bios, it doesn't have effect. only thing i had an error on was disabling the audio. i had a kp. also changed the usb/mouse with a wifi based wireless connection through usb port. which method did you use to install yosemite? maybe it has to do with the kexts that are provided in the installation process....
  13. Boot login

    System preferences > Security & Privacy > Uncheck 'Disable automatic login'
  14. Hi I have installed dp2, upgraded to dp4, but had some slow boots and sleep was not working at all anymore, so back at dp2. The problem is the following. I can sleep, but when I want to wake via the usb keyboard or mouse, nothing happens. If I press a key the numlock lights stays on, but nothing happens. If I press the power button, after 4 seconds a fully working desktop, audio, usb, ... So in fact it works, but only through power button. Before I had ML, and it was just working from the start BUT I had Chimera and no UEFI booting. Now I installed with MacPWN method, clover with UEFI partition, MacPoison for post-installation (just hwmonitor and some tools like showAllFiles). Afterwards installed audio and usb 3 kexts, system still fast and stable, sleep working, wake only via power button. I have disconnected as many peripherals as possible, now only IGFX (DVI) with one screen, USB 2 keyboard and mouse on USB 2 rear ports, startup disk on white SATA3 port. All other internal wires that are not needed like bluray removed. I have tried also many BIOS settings: disable CPU PLL overvoltage in BIOS disable wake on lan in BIOS IGFX standby and deep standby disabled disable virtualization High Precision Event Timer: Enabled XMP profile disabled and enabled CPU frequencies default/oc Firewire disabled all marvell sata ports disabled CSM never Enabled enhanced halt and cpu monitor to activate speedstep other combinations I have flashed different bioses: F14, F15o, F16mod9, F16mod11 Removed nullcpu kext, rebuild caches Darkwake flag: No, 0, 1, 8, 10 Neverhibernate flag, xcpm flag, safe mode flag, ... SSDT patch of piker alpha SMBIOS mac mini 6.2, tried many other SMBIOS like macpro 3.1 6.1, mac mini 5, MacBook pro 8, 9,... Imac 12, 13, 14 and others... really many no difference in the end. Now I'm out of options, couldn't find anything relevant to my mobo, a Z77x-UD5H which worked. Since it is a known mobo I would like to ask the people who has the same, or almost the same mobo, how they fixed it in Yosemite? Or is it related to my CPU, the i3770K? I spend a lot of times and hours of searching the internet and forums but couldn't find a solution. Before I end up with grey hair, would like to call in your help! Thanks!
  15. Can't boot from hdd

    i have this scenario if I use uefi and csm disabled in bios.... its expecting a bootloader in the efi partition. so i installed clover with uefi and could boot. Or i had to enable csm support and can boot chameleon. I use the latter when i want to boot an old partition with mountain lion on it with specific chameleion settings