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    [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    Thanks for this Pureevilmatt - unfortunately no joy :mellow: I tried your method eariler in the thread to the word, as well as combining it with the one at the beginning and still it just gets stuck on the Apple logo spinner, but boots fine in Safe Boot. I assume the only fix to this would be to try the 10.4.4 instead of 10.4.5 kexts? Any idea where I can get the 10.4.4 kexts by themselves as Apple don't (as far as I'm aware) do a 10.4.4 Intel update. Or will I just have to download a 10.4.4 torrent? Appreciate the help.
  2. freddied

    [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    Great tutorial Phoenix3200 - thanks! Unfortunately I cannot get anywhere when it comes to enabling the QE/CI. My card is an X850 PRO (Device ID 4b4b), and I have almost come to the end of my patience, which seems a shame as I have put in so much work! I have tried everything I can think of, and at the moment what is happening is that the spinning wheel under the Apple logo spins for about 20 seconds, with the hard drive working, and then everything just stops. However, if I boot -x (safe boot) It boots fine, but with no QE/CI. With callisto only everything works fine, System Profiler tells me all the correct information and I can change resolutions. I am running JaS 10.4.8 w/ 8.8.1 Semthex kernels and 10.4.5 Radeon9700 kexts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!