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  1. weimac

    Most addictive Mac games

    only got time for puzzle games now... bejeweled & diamond detective they are addictiveeeee! :censored2:
  2. weimac

    Leopard Build 9A321 has leaked!

    just got 9A321 installed and already running into many problems... Spec: Clean install on a mac mini 1.66g / 512mb so far, 1. Safari hangs too much otherwise it's really fast. 2. preview would hang when viewing certain photos 3. quicksilver doesn't work. overall, it's just not a smooth ride...yet... :censored2:
  3. weimac

    mac mini

    I am not all that happy with my mini (core duo 1.66ghz / 512mb) which I bought when it first came out (last april). I hooked up a firewire hdd to run the osx on it, and it's mighty fast when it boots up. However, strangely, the hdd that was hardly used inside mini die twice on me... I just had it replaced again last month. I think overall, mac mini is great for regular use, such as browsing web, watch dvd, email, and little stuff... just not heavy duty stuff.
  4. weimac

    Leopard launch date, When?

    a disappointing presentation which focus on iphone only... not a single word mentioned about leopard...